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"The lymph flow is as essential as the blood flow, and the poisoning of the lymphatic system simply means the poisoning of the body tissues and organs." "It is up to the mothers of the land to take a determined stand and they should quickly end the compulsory vaccination of children. Without compulsion, the hideous practice would soon disappear."


Dr. Bass finds this old article worth re-publishing. It explains the lymphatic system and its function, and the effect of vaccination on this system, as well as the dangers of vaccination. Natural Hygiene doctors have always recommended avoiding vaccinations, and some of the reasons for this you'll find below.

F.P. Millard, D.O., Toronto

(Extracts from studies on the Effects of Vaccines and Serums on the Lymphatic System)

FIG 1. lymphatic of arm involved in vaccination The most scientific argument yet produced, in attacking the theory and practice of vaccination and serum treatment, is the presentation of data proving the harmful effects of vaccines and serums upon the lymphatic system when these poisons or foreign substances are introduced into the system by points or needles.

Illustrations here given show the sores resulting from vaccination including tracings of lymphatic vessels and nodes that become poisoned and blocked, producing various disturbances and organic disorders ranging from suppuration of the nodes to gangrene, tuberculosis and cancer.

FIG 1. Lymphatic involvement in vaccination. The possibility of nodular enlargement in the axillary and cervical regions, including the tonsillary area, is plainly shown. The lymphatics of the entire arm may become involved and spread to the pectoral region.

We have in the human body a wonderful system of circulation, in that it is threefold. There is the arterial and venous circulation of the blood, and there is the third circulation, called the lymphatic circulation. It is the last, which here concerns us.

The lymphatic circulation has a series of channels, tubes or ducts, with a terminal drainage point in the veins on either side of the neck.

Associated with the lymphatic circulation are hundreds of glands, technically called "nodes." Now these nodes or glands are "traps," and in case of emergency they retain, until sometimes overburdened, poisons that if allowed to escape through the system at once would produce almost instant death.

When these glands become blocked and overflow, as they do in extreme cases of vaccine poisoning, the blood circulation takes up the blockage products, and death from blood poisoning is the result.

In an ordinary vaccination, the axillary glands in the armpit will be swollen and tender.
The swelling may disappear after two or three weeks, though it may persist for months and become chronic in type and even develop into malignancy in the breast or armpit.

A case reported by Dr. Peebles (M. D.) was the direct result of the virus traveling up from the armpit and forming a chronic suppurating wound in the glands under the jaw.
Gangrene of the hand as referred to by Dr Holt an authority of national repute, is another confirmation of the blockage of the circulation by chronic or indurated or even suppurating lymphatic glands

FIG. 2 The lymph flow is as essential as the blood flow and the poisoning of the lymphatic system simply means the poisoning of the body tissues and organs.

Once the lymphatic system is blocked, there is a systemic disturbance that involves the various organs of the body, and many patients state that their breakdown and ill health date from the time of vaccination, or the poisoning of the body through blockage of the lymphatics.

FIG. 2. Showing the possibility of incipient phthisis through lymphatic blockage, as the result of vaccine or serum poisoning in the axillary region. The bronchial glands are closely related to those of the cervical region.

Hundreds of persons have died from this lymphatic poisoning following vaccination.
It is a question whether or not a severe vaccine poisoning is not more difficult to clear than a venereal poisoning. The sores following suppuration after vaccination are almost impossible to heal in some instances.

As soon as a wholesale vaccination is ordered, we see cases of sore throat, diphtheria, measles and mumps; nurses are rushed to the scene to look after patients whose temperature has been forced way above normal through this systemic pollution.

From a physical standpoint, this nation will crumble and fail if there is not a lessening in the amount of vaccines and serums used.

This wholesale pollution through vaccination has brought about nervous instability, lack of tone, vascular irregularities, and what else could happen, pray tell me - but growths, cancers, or heart failures?

Particularly note that vaccination for smallpox results in a lymphatic blockage, due to engrafting upon the human of the cells and pus from the bovine.
The bovine cell multiplies far more rapidly than the human cell. Such a graft therefore must enormously overtax the human circulation, in having to harbor and harmonize, in a degree, this foreign cell life. The very thought of grafting beast into human is so revolting, instinct as well as reason cries out against it.

FIG. 3 Remember this:
  • Six swollen lymphatic glands in certain areas will make one ill.
  • A dozen will put you on your back.
  • And fifty vital glands blocked may cause death.

    FIG 3. We find that vaccination on the thigh or just above the knee causes enlargement and sometimes suppuration of the inguinal nodes. Sterility may result where the poisoning involves the pelvic region.

    To have a vaccination scar is a reflection on the intelligence. A scar following a solicited vaccination signifies loyalty to medical superstition. A scar from forced vaccination is a brand, a mark of medical tyranny and despotism.

    I would not be vaccinated and take the risk of complications for a $10,000 draft on the Bank of England.
    My children have never been vaccinated and I trust never will.

    It is up to the mothers of the land to take a determined stand and they should quickly end the compulsory vaccination of children. Without compulsion, the hideous practice would soon disappear.

    Editor's note: There are many websites on the problems with vaccinations. See e.g. http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/vaccines_phillips_myths.htm or http://mercola.com or http://www.whale.to/vaccines.html, and follow the vaccination links.
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