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"What you will see with this method will prove to be a literal revelation. Perplexing incidents which have occurred in the past will reveal their solutions with a clarity that will startle you as you become adept at this technique."


How to Solve Problems Objectively
from "Overcoming Compulsive Habits"
How See Our Problem as Another Person Would?
How often do we find it necessary to seek out a good friend whose judgement we trust, who will listen to us as we discuss a problem which we are unable to solve? How easy it is for another person to see where we are in error and to give us sensible advice and guidance.
Why do they see things that we cannot see? The answer is because we are emotionally involved and the intellect has become obscured by our strong emotions which make objective analysis most difficult if not impossible. Since the emotions represent the chief barrier to logical and intelligent analysis which may lead to a successful solution of the problem, how is it possible to be able to see our problem as another person would? How are we to obtain an objective view?

Ancient Method
The following method, ancient in its origin, has been practiced by several civilizations dating back for thousands of years. It is a technique which should be practiced by every person who is desirous of putting order, meaningfullness and sanity in his everyday existence. With it he will learn to solve all problems ultimately which may arise, if he persists daily in this method.
It is the method which I have used for over 25 years and it has never failed me, whenever I used it properly.

Complete Makeover Technique
What is even more important, with this technique, one can make himself or herself completely over, changing personality and even character at will.
You will be able to see your errors in thinking and behavior as clearly and objectively as if you were studying another person's behavior. As the truth about yourself unfolds, your thinking will become clear and your actions will be correct.

Don't Waste Time and Energy
When faced with a nagging problem, it is important to avoid trying to solve it during working hours, where your attention is required elsewhere. Do not allow your mind to flit back and forth, time and time again on the problem. It is wasteful of energy and if continued with deep emotional involvement, it leads to tension, irritability, worry and finally exhaustion.
To try to solve a problem when other duties are pressing in, prohibits us from gathering our thoughts together logically and is an unprofitable waste of time and energy and can only lead to frustration.

How to Begin Your Review of the Problem
It is best to refuse to consider all thoughts relating to the problem and wait until you are able to be alone and free from the responsibility and pressure of work. Then, when alone in a quiet place, sit in a comfortable chair or lie down and begin your review of the problem, step by step in the ensuing manner.

Just Before Sleep
To begin, this technique should be practiced at night, just before sleep. If this time is inconvenient, it may be done in the morning instead, immediately after awakening, but the power and the possibilties of this exercise will then be lessened.

After getting into bed and settling himself down with legs fully stretched out, he must set out to visit the man he used to be and events he has earlier experienced.

Reverse Order
He begins to direct his consciousness to the past. The chief events of the day should be reviewed in reverse order. Pick out a few major occurrences, activities or reflections which possess same importance both from a personal and from a philosophic viewpoint, starting from the present moment and slowly working one's way backward from one experience, idea or feeling to another.

For example, take the last meaningful incident in the day which occurred.
Review everything that happened from the beginning to the end of the incident. Examine what your initial thoughts were, what feelings and emotions you experienced, what words were said and what your replies were. Finally take a look at the actions you performed immediately afterward.
If you feel that your thoughts feelings, emotions, words or actions were unsatisfactory according to the highest standards which you wish to maintain, then try to determine the reasons for your behavior. This should be done in a critical but impartial, objective and fair manner. There should be no rationalizations permitted here for wrong behavior.

Project on Movie Screen
Emotional identification with your behavior as you are reviewing it should be totally prohibited. You are to take the viewpoint of an outsider who is analyzing the situation for a friend. Review the incident as if it were projected on a movie screen and observe the scenes with yourself performing in it just as if you were watching actors in a moving picture.
The purpose of this is sever any emotional involvement with the performer (yourself) on the screen. The truth will be revealed to you in ratio to the amount of objectivity present.
If you could see yourself as if you were another person, completely free of any emotional or egoistic connection, then you will see the complete truth of the situation and all of its errors with total objectivity.

Substitute Each Error for Correct Behavior
Once again, in reviewing each incident, as you discover each error, substitute the correct behavior in its place and see it acted out in an ideal manner. Make each correction in the entire story or scene which unfolds until you are completely satisfied that the entire incident has been performed correctly, ideally and in accordance with the highest standards which you aspire to.

As you are calmly observing this person as you would a total stranger, you are critically judging its thoughts, feelings and deeds, impartially and quite sternly, thus creating an effective method of self-improvement.
This will purify your motivation, educate your emotions, strengthen your willpower and improve your mental capacity. You will be making the fullest use of memory to effectively improve your character.

Even Simpler Approach
When beginning this practice, if you find that after several tries you are still having difficulty in maintaining objectivity and that you are still emotionally involved with the person (yourself) that you are observing in the scene, there is even a simpler approach which you may use which will unfailingly produce total objectivity.
You should change the face of the performer to that of another person, say a friend, a member of the family or even a complete stranger. This will insure complete objectivity without fail. See that person who has a different face and body projected outwardly on a movie screen and going through the experiences and thoughts that you have gone through the day before. Make a critical appraisal of the chief thoughts, feelings and actions that transpired from the beginning to end of each incident. Analyze that person's thought and behavior as emotionally detached as if you were giving advice to a friend who requested it.

Daily Practice
What you will see with this method will prove to be a literal revelation. Perplexing incidents which have occurred in the past will reveal their solutions with a clarity that will startle you as you become adept at this technique.
It takes about 2 weeks of daily practice before this exercise becomes easy and natural. From there on, the enjoyment of it will increase daily and progressively, and it will prove to be a indispensible tool for intelligent selfstudy.

Peace of Mind
It will lead to meaningful and purposeful living each day, and in time a great peace will settle upon your heart and mind, as your life becomes integrated in all departments -- physically, mentally and spiritually.

"amazing long-lived natural doctor!"


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