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"If one who has a cold is treated, he gets well in two weeks, and if he is not treated, he gets well in fourteen days."
"Why do we expect to get well in a hurry of a condition that requires a life-time for its development?"

If we understand the nature of the phenomena with which we are dealing - we can both understand the urgent need to remove the causes of the suffering of the sick man and the need for time for him to evolve into a state of health.
Dr. Herbert Shelton:

One of the most trying problems of the Hygienist, in dealing with the sick, and this is particularly true of chronic sufferers, is the demand for speedy results. Everybody wants to get well in a hurry. It is not unusual for sufferers to demand recovery in a week to two weeks.
Why not? Have they not been led to believe that if there is anything wrong, the removal of an organ or part, an operation that requires but a few minutes to an hour or more, and a few days in the hospital, and they will he as good as new? Have they not been taught to be content with mere palliation of symptoms, a thing that may be achieved in many instances in a few minutes? Will not an Alka-Seltzer relieve stomach distress in a very short time; or will not an aspirin relieve a headache in a few minutes?

Quick relief, even if only temporary, is what is so generally demanded. It is generally true that these means of providing the speedy results produce an aftermath of troubles of their own that are often worse than the troubles they are given to relieve. Certainly they never, not in a single instance nor in a single trouble, remove any of the causes that are producing and maintaining, even intensifying the trouble. They constitute symptomatic treatment and doubtful palliation, and produce cumulative side-effects.

Why do we expect to get well in a hurry of a condition that requires a life-time for its development? Perhaps one is fifty years of age and has had a chronic disease since the age of thirty-five, the condition slowly becoming worse during this time, despite (or because of) the faithful employment of the commonly administered means of palliation. Before the disease became apparent at the age of thirty-five, there was a long antecedent series of developments that led up to the disease. It is literally true that the disease had its initial beginnings with the first cold, colic, diarrhea or hives of infancy.

This man has given the methods of cure a full fifteen years of time in which to restore health, but if he turns to Hygiene he wants to get well over night! Not only is he in a hurry, hut he wants to achieve his recovery with as little disturbance of his accustomed routine and as little change in his habits of living as possible. He may be willing to change his diet (temporarily, of course), but why should he give up smoking? He may be willing to fast, at least he may he willing to miss a few meals, but why should he rest? He has no insurmountable objection to a temporary abandonment of coffee, but why should he exercise? He actually enjoys sunbathing, but why should he not be permitted to overeat?

Certainly the man whose condition has required a life-time for its evolution will require the employment of all of the means of Hygiene to reorganize and re-constitute his organism. So long as even one of the causes that have contributed to the evolution of his trouble is permitted to remain a part of his daily life, and this cause may be one of omission as well as one of commission, it will contribute to the progressive development of trouble. All causes of weakness, impurity and suffering are to be removed from the life of the individual, else recovery will be retarded and full recovery prevented.

It is essential that we recognize the fact that recovery of health is an evolution in reverse and that it requires time to be completed. What we term disease is an evolution out of wrong ways of life; recovery of health is an evolution out of correct ways of living. As it takes time to evolve disease, so it requires time to erase the abnormal changes that have taken place in the tissues of the body and to evolve normal tissue to replace the abnormal tissue.

We can watch the evolution of pathology in the drinker, as he progresses from the so-called moderate drinker to the habitual and so-called excessive drinker with the progressive weakening of the functions of his body and the slow evolution of liver sclerosis, delirium tremens and insanity.
Is it to be thought that the effects of ten to twenty years of drinking can be erased in a few days or even in a few weeks, and full health, with its integrity of structure and vigor of function, restored so quickly? If this could be done, then, certainly the evils of alcoholism were not as great as we are accustomed to think.

The evolution of pathology out of any type of habitual or chronic poisoning, whether tobacco poisoning, drug poisoning, or a general and persistent toxic state of the body arising out of lowered functioning power (enervation) resulting from an enervating way of life, is not unlike the evolution of delirium tremens out of alcoholism. Likewise, the road back, when the pathology has arisen from some of these other causes, is a slow and gradual one.
In all pathologies, as they continue to evolve, a stage is reached sooner or later, from which there is no turning back. This is the stage of irreversibility. When this stage is reached there is no longer any hope of recovery of health.

The reader, versed only in the popular and classic ideas about health, disease and healing, will, perhaps, ask: what is the difference between being cured and recovering health? A cure is the application of something exotic (a drug or a treatment) which, by virtue of its own power restores the sick man or woman to health. There is no such thing.
Recovery is the restoration of health by means of the operation of forces intrinsic to the organism. This is the only force known that is capable of restoring health. Healing is a biological process, not an art.

Let us take the common cold. It is estimated that the 190 million people in the United States have an average of four colds each during the year. Some of these people have fewer than four colds, some have more than four. Now, it is acknowledged that there is no known cure for the cold. There is no drug, no serum, no vaccine, no form of treatment that will cure a cold. People treat themselves with all kinds of alleged remedies, but these do not cure the cold. Almost everybody one meets has one or more cold cures, but none of them are genuine.

Yet, it is a matter of common observation that everybody who has a cold recovers; sometimes in a very few days, in some instances in three to four weeks. Not so many months ago a prominent physician said that if one who has a cold is treated, he gets well in two weeks, and if he is not treated, he gets well in fourteen days. The important fact about these recoveries is that these sufferers get well, but they are not cured for no cure is known. Recovery is said to be spontaneous. It is the result of lawful and orderly processes that take place in the body of the sick person.

Diseases that get well in this manner are said to be self-limited. This simply means that they are brought to an end in a more or less definite time by the organism itself and not by treatment. They are all spontaneous recoveries. These spontaneous recoveries are the things on which all the alleged cures ride to glory. It will not escape the attention of the reader that the self-limited diseases are all acute; that the chronic diseases tend to run on for years and to grow progressively worse and that for these, there are no cures. Almost anything seems to cure the self-limited diseases, nothing seems to work when the disease is not self-limited.

If we understand that it is the sick person that recovers and not the disease, we will understand that there is a vast difference between treating disease (the popular delusional practice) and caring for a sick person. In the first case, the efforts are directed at controlling, suppressing, palliating and destroying symptoms and local pathologies; in the second instance, the efforts are directed at removing the causes that have impaired the body and at trying to supply the body with its physiological needs. There is no effort made to cure the disease, as it is well understood that healing is a biological process and that no man can either duplicate or imitate the process. There is no treatment of disease for the reason that there is no disease, per se, to treat.

Apart from the living organism, disease has no existence. Fever, inflammation, pain, discomfort, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, griping, purging, coughing, sneezing, etc., etc., that are considered symptoms of disease, are all actions of the sick organism. They are vital phenomena and do not require treatment.
To suppress diarrhea is to cause the retention in the bowels of the very objectionable materials the diarrhea is designed to expel; to suppress a cough leaves the obstructing and irritating materials in the respiratory passages. This is not intelligent treatment.

If we understand the nature of the phenomena with which we are dealing and its causes and if we realize that time is required for the causes that are operating to impair the organism in which to evolve their effects, we can both understand the urgent need to remove the causes of the suffering of the sick man and the need for time for him to evolve into a state of health. The average chronic sufferer cannot expect to evolve into full health in less than two years and many will require more time than this. A few will require less time.

Knowing this, we can, with patience and determination, launch ourselves into a way of life out of which good health evolves - and stick to it until we have achieved the desired results - and then stick to it to the end, that we may maintain our gains.

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-- Victor A. Pixloy --

You can read the following books By Dr. Shelton at the Soil and Health Library http://soilandhealth.org - (choose Health Library/Alternative Medical Therapies).

Shelton, Herbert M. The Hygienic Care of Children. 1931.
Not reprinted by the American Natural Hygiene Society! Shelton at his most aggressive, a vigorous defence of innocent children. PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Shelton, Herbert M. The Hygienic System, Vol. II, Orthotrophy. 1935.
Shelton's thorough examination of eating and foodstuffs. Includes the complete data on food combining, feeding of infant and children, the digestive system, etc. PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Shelton, Herbet M. The Hygienic System, Vol. III, Fasting and Sun Bathing. 1934.
In his exhaustive study of therepeutic fasting, Shelton claimed: " In more than thirty years of conducting fasts, I have conducted over twenty-five thousand fasts - likely no one else has ever equalled his experience with fasting for the purpose of healing disease. PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Shelton, Herbert M. Natural Hygiene: Man's Pristine Way Of Life. 1968.
This rather long polemic painstakingly, passionately and rather aggressively examines certain key concepts of Shelton's version of Natural Hygiene. There is also an excellent history of the development of the Hygienic movement. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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Free download: - REMARKABLE RECOVERIES FROM SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS - Dr. Bass' booklet presenting how raw foods and juices have been used clinically in medical institutions for over 100 years to help patients recover from cancer and other diseases, even to improve intelligence
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