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"My aim here was to try to find a diet of 100% raw foods that would provide all the factors needed for excellent health, free from any deficiencies which invariably seemed to arise in almost all of the most popular recommended raw food regimens."

How to Live on a 100% Raw (Vegetarian) Diet Healthfully
This article has been prepared from Volume II of "In Search of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet", also called "Discovery of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet". [See BOOKS list.] In preparing the table of contents, I was surprised to find that on four separate occasions, I had tested the 100% raw food diet successfully on the mice I include in this article all of these diets and the conclusions reached and am pleased that the results were verified four different times, which only strengthens and validates the conclusions.

Mice experiments - 35 day Raw Diet
On 1/9/83 through 2/15/83, I put six mice for a total of 35 days on a 100 % raw vegetarian diet consisting of raw fruits, green vegetables, nuts, seeds (sunflower and occasional hulled sesame), dried lentils, grains (mostly wheat and millet), plus raw tubers (potatoes and occasional yam). Nothing else was added. One of the mice gave birth to thirteen healthy babies. There were no deformities and no cannibalism, which at the time I attributed to the fresh greens (outer iceberg lettuce leaves and occasional carrot leaves).
I concluded that humans could safely live on this unfired diet for almost three years - the 30:1 ratio of 35 days for mice being equivalent to 35 months for humans.

15 day Raw Diet
On 4/2/84 through 4/17/84, I put one cage of mice on a 100% raw vegetarian diet for a total of fifteen days consisting of legumes (mung beans and lentils, soaked and sprouted), alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, fresh corn on the cob, and vegetables (Savoy cabbage, Romaine lettuce, and carrot tops).
They love all of the sprouts. They discard the skins of the sprout shoots. Their first preference is the mung, then the lentils which they love, and the sunflower. The alfalfa sprouts they like least.
The mice are strong, happy, and have a ravenous appetite. All the mice seem to be in excellent health with excellent spirits and energy. I gave them some frozen corn on the cob. When I gave them wheat grass two times (seven inches) long, they didn't appear to be interested, since only two of them nibbled a little on it. Many mice look pregnant and most seem to be gaining more weight and getting plump. One mouse gave birth.

100% Raw Diet and Added Grains
Since I was concerned that the mice might be overeating of protein in order to get enough of the carbohydrates on this diet without grains (without counting the fresh corn, a diluted form of grains), and also because of their ravenous appetite which indicated to me that perhaps they needed more carbohydrates, to the above cage I added a grain for the first time, wheat soaked overnight and very slightly sprouted. The fifteen days on this raw diet indicated that a human could safely live on this in an excellent weight loss diet and one that very possibly could reverse cancer (some cancer cases reversed on a 100% raw diet - see "Alternative Cancer Therapies" organization located in New York).
I also gave them raw, soaked, hulled buckwheat groats (kasha), which they enjoyed. The mice are very alert, moving faster than before. Many males are chasing females, many of whom am now pregnant. I feed the mice two meals a day as follows:
(a) Beginning with Savoy cabbage, Romaine, carrot tops (alfalfa sprouts occasionally) followed by 1/2 plum tomato. Fifteen minutes later I give one handful each of both mung and lentil sprouts for about forty mice.

b) In the evening, I give the same vegetables again, followed by sunflower and wheat sprouts (two handfuls). Occasionally, I give them plain popcorn as a treat, which I make myself (they are wild about popcorn). The mice go wild for washed, granulated kelp, but seem disinterested in wheatgrass. I gave washed dulse leaves to two cages, but they liked the kelp better.
The man in the pet shop said that mice needed salt in their diet and if they didn't get it, they would cannibalize the others to get the salt from their blood. I gave kelp to avoid this. I gave raw, new white potato, which they wouldn't eat, but they like raw yams. The mice are very alert and move faster than those in the other cages. Some take flying leaps across the cage now. They have a tremendous appetite for sprouted or soaked legumes and grains, and they eat less vegetables.

A diet of raw soaked grains, lentils and vegetables
On July 20, 1985, a fire was caused in my kitchen by a faulty appliance. When the firemen finished hosing the kitchen and cutting a hole in the roof; everything was in complete disorder. Fortunately, the heavy smoke was largely stopped by a wall which prevented it from killing the mice in an adjoining living room. I was happy to discover that no deaths had occured. Since my kitchen was out of order, I stopped all cooking and put all cages that were eating grains on a 100% raw diet consisting of raw grains (mostly wheat, etc.) which had been soaked overnight, and soaked or sprouted lentils, along with lettuce leaves and occasional carrot leaves - basically three to four foods. Now, it's almost three months later and all the cages getting the raw grains and lentils thrived very nicely. These three months or ninety days would equal ninety months or seven and a half years in a human equivalent. Therefore, it seems likely that humans should be able to live on raw, soaked overnight (24 hours) grains and legumes. Two mice in two of the cages are very fat and obese. At first I thought they were pregnant, but it's been too long this way. It's just plain obesity and this on a 100% raw diet almost exclusively for approximately seven and a half years in human equivalency.

[For further discussion on the effects on successive generations of the 100% vegetarian diet, see In search of the Ultimate Diet by Stanley Bass, p.23-24.]

Testing a 100 % raw vegetarian diet of lentil sprouts, sunflower sprouts, fresh corn, and greens (lettuce, carrot leaves, etc.)
My aim here was to try to find a diet of 100% raw foods that the mice and equally humans could live on that would provide all the factors needed for excellent health, free from any deficiencies which invariably seemed to arise in almost all of the most popular recommended raw food regimens.
Also, since most of the books written by alternative health practitioners recommended the use of 100% raw vegetarian diet as the initial phase in attempting to reverse cancer, it seemed to be the best way to begin the search for an ideal raw food program.
I began this diet by providing this cage of about twenty mice with fresh lettuce leaves (mostly outer iceberg and occasionally Romaine) and occasional carrot leaves, soaked overnight lentils, and unroasted sunflower seeds as well as corn on the cob. These foods were given twice a day in two meals.

  • 10th day: Mice are doing well and are very lively. No fatalities so far.
  • 20th day: So far, the mice are doing very well and are full of great energy. No deaths at all. I added raw yams (which they didn't eat much of).
  • 26th day: All are still doing fine. I tried soaked soy beans three days ago, but discontinued them because they like the lentils better. The mice in this cage (No. 1) looked 100% better (cleaner, bigger, and heavier) than the cage No. 2 mice who had fruit alone as the only carbohydrate in a complete protein diet (in a test diet which I began two weeks later).
  • 34th day: One female gave birth to four healthy babies.
  • 37th day: Today in cage No. 1 is the 37th day of this soaked lentil and sunflower diet, with lettuce, occasional carrot tops, and occasional raw yam, and nothing else. The mice look well-fed, are large in size, very energetic, and quick in their movements and appear very healthy in all respects. There have been no deaths at all, for this extended period, which thrilled me no end. (None of this food grown organically.)
  • Conclusion: This 37 day diet, which is the human equivalent of 37 months, may now safely be recommended as an excellent introductory diet for advanced pathology conditions such as cancer, tumors, arteriosclerosis etc., in my opinion. This is a raw food vegetarian diet. The sunflower seeds and lentils complement each other in amino acids to produce an excellent complete protein. (See Diet for a Small Planet by Lappe.) I gave the sunflower and lentils two times a day in this cage, one handfull of each, each time.

Adding soaked grains to above raw diet
At this point, I was satisfied and convinced that the mice could have remained on this regimen indefinitely, but I would have added a variety of nuts and other additional legumes, etc. But since for humans 37 months was more than enough time to reverse many if not most pathological conditions, I decided it would be timely to add raw, soaked grains to avoid a possible overload of protein (in legumes) and fat (in the sunflower seeds). I may be wrong in this, but a patient of mine said she felt stronger when she added grains to her raw nut, fruit, and vegetable diet, which made me decide to try adding grains. Nevertheless, I concluded that this diet had been complete in all particulars for that period of time, so far.
  • On the 37th day I added soaked grains (overnight) such as rye, brown rice, hulled millet (which they preferred to rye).
  • 10/18/85: Today is the seventh day in a row of added soaked grains to the preceding diet and they've been eating the brown rice and millet (raw, soaked) with the soaked raw lentils. I stopped soaking the sunflower seeds and give it to them dry and raw.
  • 10/22/85: They love all of these foods and it is now the eleventh day on this added grain diet. It is also the seventh day that I've been giving soaked and drained brown rice as the only grain, along with sprouted lentils and dry sunflower seeds.
  • 10/24/85: Today is the thirteenth day of added grains and the ninth day in which the soaked brown rice is the only grain. I found the first death today. All mice look very healthy and some are pregnant. The house mice who have escaped love the soaked rice and go after it no matter where I put it, even if I hang it up in a bag on a string. For a long time now they've been eating my raw, dried brown rice in the boxes. I trapped six mice today in a cage and put them free in the street.
  • 10/27/85: Today is the sixteenth day of added grains and the 12th day in which the brown rice is the only grain. Today I found a second dead mouse and its body was intact and uneaten. Weather was excellent today. The causes of these two deaths was indicated.
  • 11/10/85: Today is the 30th day of added grain. A third death occurred. The rest look very healthy.
  • 11/12/85: Today is the 32nd day of added grain. A fourth death occurred. The rest look very healthy.
  • 11/19/85: Today is the 39th day of added grain. A fifth death occurred. The rest look very healthy.
  • 11/27/85: Today is the 47th day of added grain. A sixth death occurred. The rest look very healthy.

Possible causes of deaths
Today I heard that when pigeons eat dried rice, it swells up in their stomachs and causes their death. Since my mice in this cage have been eating the brown rice as their only carbohydrate grain, this may very well be the cause of these deaths. The sixth death occurred because last night was exceptionally cold. (A later test where I gave ground dry rice as a grain caused several deaths which appeared to confirm this.) Since the rice was their chief grain for 43 days, five deaths were very little considering that they were on this raw, pure, vegetarian diet for 47 days and 37 before without grain, totalling 84 days of both combined, a human equivalent of 84 months or seven years.
Another factor to be considered is the absence of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D in their diet for this long period, which could have been a cause of these five deaths; the first one beginning after the 50th day of this pure vegetarian diet, which, for humans, would have been the 50th month.

Basis for Ideal Raw Diet
All facts considered, I've come to the conclusion that this 100% raw, vegetarian program is a solid basis for a safe, complete protein and finely-balanced ideal, raw food diet, which could be used for years if necessary for
(a) a survival diet under famine conditions;
(b) as an introductory diet for weight loss and many pathological conditions; and
(c) with the inclusion of additional variety in grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, it could be most satisfying, and with the addition of some dairy or eggs, fish, or other animal food, it could provide all factors to cover all bodily needs (B12, Vitamin D, etc.).
Some fruit may safely be added as well as other carbohydrates such as potatoes, corn, yams, squash, etc.

Unique Raw Food Program - Free from Deficiencies
The solid proof of the great potential of this basic raw food vegetarian diet which has been proven successful with the mice, clearly indicates that humans now, for the first time, have a 100% raw food program which they may go on safely, free from all deficiencies.
I know of no other raw food program in existence which is totally free from deficiencies at present. A complete diet will be worked out and presented at the end of the book upon completion.

Ending the diet
Note: On the 49th day of this diet (and the 12th day of added grain), the mice in this cage were bigger, heavier, cleaner and 100% better than the cage of mice who were on the 17th day of their diet where fruit was their only carbohydrate (and the rest of their diet included egg, cheese, and lettuce).
  • 11/27/85: I ended this diet today by adding cheese to it. Two days later, I saw six newborn babies in this raw food vegetarian cage which had just completed 84 days on this diet. These six newborn babies looked healthy.
  • 11/29/85: Today I decided to wind down my tests due to the approaching winter and also because I had answers already to my most important questions.

Comparing my mice to those in the pet shop
I kept this cage (No. 1) for further tests, but I brought cages 2, 3, and 4, which were full of mice, to the pet shop. When we compared my mice to his in the pet shop, mine looked 33% to 50% larger. He admitted this immediately and remarked that they looked healthy. I asked him if it was better that they were bigger and he said absolutely. He then asked me if I would breed a scarce group of golden-haired mice of his which wasn't reproducing well. He was impressed with my mice. I said I could consider it.

Reasons for healthier mice
I attribute my mice being larger and healthier than his to the following reasons: 1) his mice were fed mice chow exclusively - no fresh vegetable greens, no cheese or eggs, whereas mine had all these foods; 2) the mice in cage No.1 which I kept on the 84 days total of the raw food vegetarian diet look beautiful, large, well-developed, healthy, very active, and several looked pregnant. These mice on their raw diet of soaked grains, soaked lentils, sunflower seeds (dry and soaked) and lettuce leaves (with occasional carrot tops) and lately dry millet (hulled) look better than any of the other cage mice, whereas the other cages had daily store cheese added to their diets.

Ultimate raw diet for humans
Note that I believe this 100% raw diet, for humans, could be done successfully even without the use of grains if so desired. But with the addition of raw egg yolk, and possibly raw milk cheese or Ricotta (or instead of cheese, a small amount of raw or steamed fish once or twice a week of about 3 1/2 to 4 oz. a serving), we should have an ultimate raw diet, or near one. Possibly 10 - 15% cooked grains and legumes could be included in this program with great benefit for those who have difficulty in gaining weight and strength on a 100% raw diet.
(The addition of the egg yolk, cheese, or fish is to provide the B12 and Vitamin D factors, along with fatty acids, hormonal substances, and as yet unknown substances which they contain.)

To the basic raw diet as a foundation, fruit, other vegetables, other additional carbohydrates, grains, legumes, and other foods may be added as desired for variety and added nutrition.

Ultimate raw vegetarian diet
For those people who prefer to remain on a 100% strict vegetarian diet, I would recommend the use of periodic vitamin B12 and vitamin D to insure their safety. It now appears that the use of bee pollen (which contains all the B-complex vitamins) may be used instead.
More on bee pollen in a moment.

[Also read about the hidden dangers in eating
too much fruit on an all-raw diet. And about what deformed nails, skeletal and tooth problems on an all-raw vegetarian diet may mean.]

Foods which can be used on a 100% raw diet
  1. For minerals: salads, lettuce (Romaine etc.) carrot leaves, kelp, grass juice.
  2. Fats: nuts, seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame), flaxseed (1-2 tbs. a day).
  3. Carbohydrate (simple sugars): Fruit, eight to twenty oz. (or 24 oz. maximum, for melons); bananas, four to six maximum.
  4. Carbohydrate (complex): These to be used with legumes (or dairy or fish) for complementary complete proteins (raw, soaked overnight or slightly sprouted grains) hulled buckwheat, wheat, triticale, rye, oats, rice polishings, raw wheat germ, corn, yam.
  5. Complete protein foods (animal): eggs (1-2) or fish (1 to 3 1/2 oz. maximum) can be immersed in boiling water for six seconds then eaten (can be marinated in lemon juice overnight to kill microbes); clams, oysters (1/2 dozen or 3 1/2 oz maximum); dairy products; bee pollen (1 tbs to several oz.).
  6. Vegetable proteins which need to be complemented by grains or seeds or nuts to be complete proteins, include legumes - mung beans or lentils or others (use 1/3 to 2/3 cup or 1 1/2 oz. to 4 oz.) You may soak overnight or sprout.
    Nuts or seeds - (sunflowers, pumpkin, or hulled sesame) 1 to 3 oz. These can be complemented with legumes (1 or 2 oz. legumes with 1 to 2 oz. nuts or seeds).
Additional foods which can be eaten raw
  • Brewer's Yeast: 1 tbs. maximum (will complement grains);
  • Seaweed: kelp, dulse, others (1 tbs. to 1 oz. maximum);
  • Tubers: yam, potato, chestnuts;
  • Oil: flaxseed (best), virgin olive oil (1 to 2 tbs. maimum for the day);
  • Herbs: fresh or dried basil, dill, parsley, garlic;
  • Young coconut.
1 fl. oz.=30 ml

Sample 100% Raw Daily Diet Menu
(Finish (1) before (2), and (2) before (3) ... for correct sequential eating.)

    1. Juice (optional)
      1/3 each carrot, celery, and cucumber juice - 8 oz.
    2. Blended salad
      8 to 12 oz. [Romaine, cucumber, celery, pepper, tomato], add 1 tbs. soaked raw mungbeans or lentils and 1 tsp. kelp
    3. Melon or fruit
      8 to12 oz.
    4. 1 eggyolk, raw
      or 3 1/2 min. soft-boiled egg with resulting raw yolk, or 2 yolks - organic fertile, or bee pollen - 1 to 2 oz., or seeds - 1 to 2 oz. sunflower or almonds

    1. Juice (optional), same as above
    2. Blended salad
      8 to 12 oz., same as above with 1-2 tbs. mung beans (soaked or sprouted) and 1 tbs whole flaxseed ground
    3. 1 fruit
      8 oz.
    4. Seeds or nuts
      1-2 oz., or six clams or oysters, or fish small pieces held in boiling water for 6 seconds (up to 3 1/2 oz. maximum one to three times a week)

    1. Tossed salad
      [Romaine, cucumber, celery, pepper, tomato] and l-2 tbs mungbeans
    2. Grains
      1 tbs. or more soaked, hulled buckwheat (sprouted or you may add soaked wheat, triticale, rye, or other) plus 1 tbs. of rice polishings plus 1 tbs. of bee pollen (optional)

      Note: If the diet is total vegetarian (vegan) - use 2 tbsp. of beepollen.

    Snack (optional)
    Shredded raw yam and carrots, or up to two bananas

    You may omit breakfast or lunch if not hungry, or permanently if two meals are desired.
    See Additional foods which can be eaten raw [above] for other choices to add.
    Finish (1) before (2), and (2) before (3), and so on to practice correct sequential eating.
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