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Quote: "If you constantly dwell on negative, defeating thoughts you will be defeated in your actions or worse, you'll never even attempt to act. Positive thoughts are victorious thoughts." "People who are told they have emotional problems are suffering from thinking problems. Their emotions are working fine."

Dr. Bass finds the following article worth reading.

A new way of thinking for success

We are products of our thoughts. You've probably heard this before, but it's amazing how many people are unaware of what they are truly thinking. Our thoughts are so powerful if we are not aware of them, they can catch us off guard and direct our actions in a path we would rather not take.
Every action we take is preceded by a thought. Thoughts will always come in and out of our minds, but we have the choice which ones we dwell on. The thoughts we dwell on will shape our beliefs and actions, which will shape our results and destiny.

If you constantly dwell on negative, defeating thoughts you will be defeated in your actions or worse, you'll never even attempt to act. I call these enemy thoughts. Enemy thoughts are thoughts of fear, failure, lack, defeat, overwhelm, and impossibility. Positive thoughts are victorious thoughts. They are thoughts of possibility, faith, trust, happiness, love, joy, thankfulness, and even forgiveness! They are Godly thoughts because God only wants good for us.

People who are told they have emotional problems are suffering from thinking problems. Their emotions are working fine. If you think negative, sad, depressing, defeating thoughts, you'll BE negative, sad, depressed, and defeated. Emotions are a direct result of our thinking.

We have to hold to the fact that God wants good things for us. When you fall and things go badly, don't give up, but get up and keep trying — with faith God will help you. For while struggles will occur in life, God will never leave us or forsake us. Struggles must finish their work because they build our character and hope. So we need to persevere through our struggles with faith in God's promises to help us grow and be successful in life. This is the secret behind staying positive.

I've been to many seminars where positive thinkers promote affirmations of positivity to saturate the mind with uplifting, success driven thoughts to override the negative "stinkin' thinkin"' ones. The only problem with these affirmations is they affirm "self" as the power instead of God's promises. "Self" can never be as strong as God and his promises. "Can do" power comes from God's promises. We can never be that powerful by ourselves alone. Sure, you may be able to accomplish some things for a while, but you'll eventually get stressed out, anxious and tired.

Think about it. Have you ever done affirmations over and over trying to force yourself to believe and still end up with enemy thinking? Do you feel you have to work hard at your affirmations? Thinking positively becomes easy when you realize

God's promises of goodness, strength, perseverance, joy, and success can be claimed by you because they are promises. God wants us to succeed. It makes Him happy. This is why you can have a victor mentality instead of a victim mentality.

Faith in God's promises taps into God's power to accomplish. It gives us ability to face the day with boldness and enthusiasm. He doesn't want to harm us. Sometimes those "good things" come in the form of struggles that we perceive as bad. They are really ways he uses to strengthen us, so he sees them as "good' things." Imagine your relationship with your children. Their success comes in their character building and you play an important part in that. Through all of their struggles, discipline and joyful times you love them and are there for them. They trust you and have faith in your promises which helps them stay positive, focused and secure.

If you promised positive rewards for your child's correct actions, wouldn't he or she be more apt to focus and act in a way that would be rewarding? Of course. It's the same way with God. Our relationship with God is even greater, so by holding onto His promises for us, we can remain uplifted and positive.

Another important point to keep you encouraged is that all growth — including positive thinking — takes time. If you've been a victim of enemy thinking, growing into positive, empowering thinking will require four things:

1. Desire to let go of old ways of acting;
2. Decision to change the way you think;
3. Doing good habits; and
4. Refusing to quit — NEVER giving up.

Lastly, remember growing more positive is a team approach between you and God. The positive part about that is, it's a team that can't be beat.

by Dennis Nikitow D.C.
Chiropractic Journal - June 2004 (For Certainty Practice Products and Dr. Dennis Nikitow 's seminar schedule, call 800-544-3884)

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