Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio and his student Stanley Bass are part of a long line of doctors/teachers in the best drugless tradition that started in the 1830's with Dr. Jennings in USA. - They initiated using Natural Hygiene & Orthopathy with modern insulin theory, and warned about dangerous dietary deficiencies from veganism. They both had decades of experience as a 100% no-drugs doctors, and the younger of them a likely world record of 1000+ water-only fasts. - Free Downloads Here --- Enjoy this website!

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Dr. Herbert Shelton was the originator of these ten health commandments.


The following of the Health Commandments make possible the fulfillment of God's plan for each of us, extending our years to the maximum in loving, charitable service, and permit the full enjoyment of the fruits of our labors.

  1. Thou shalt reverence thy body as the living temple of the soul and the holy workshop of God

  2. Thou shalt recognize and have faith in the Power within you that preserves health, (and when it is lost) brings about recovery. This is the healing and preservative power of Nature.

  3. Thou shalt abstain from all substances that are stimulants, sedatives or narcotics, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, alcoholic drinks, carbonated beverages, tobacco and drugs.

  4. Thou shalt nourish or sustain thy body with only natural, unprocessed, unadulterated, unspiced "live" foods, pure water and sunlight, and in amounts to satisfy the needs of the body as indicated by hunger, thirst or rational appraisal

  5. 'Thou shalt regenerate thy mind and body by the correct balance of activity, relaxation, sleep and rest, and periodically by fasting.

  6. Thou shalt maintain purity of thy blood cells and tissues with air free of contaminents.

  7. Thou shalt abstain from all food and refrain from tiring activity when out of sorts mentally or physically

  8. Thou shalt lift thyself up through obedience to all of Nature's laws, and by virtue of thine own obedience and love of good, help thy brother to attain the same

  9. Thou shalt keep thy thoughts, words and emotions pure, calm and optimistic and use selfless prayer and meditation to help you attain this

  10. Thou shalt control thy sex force for good, and through sublimation use it as a means of physical, mental and spiritual unfoldment.

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This website is a good example of Natural Hygiene - a 150+ year old self-empowering healing and health philosophy that was started by medical doctors - but almost forgotten in the 20th century.
Learn why it is now becoming mainstream again. Learn more about why no-drugs healing methods are not only cheap, but vastly superior.
Visit the organization   International Natural Hygiene Society - where Dr. Bass is one of the founders.

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