Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio and his student Stanley Bass are part of a long line of doctors/teachers in the best drugless tradition that started in the 1830's with Dr. Jennings in USA. - They initiated using Natural Hygiene & Orthopathy with modern insulin theory, and warned about dangerous dietary deficiencies from veganism. They both had decades of experience as a 100% no-drugs doctors, and the younger of them a likely world record of 1000+ water-only fasts. - Free Downloads Here --- Enjoy this website!

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"All healing and regeneration is in ratio to the amount of energy which is available - the more energy, the more detoxicating healing."   "I always advised college students to omit all food before exams ... "   "the digestion of food takes precedence in the body to all other activities"

This important article explains the energy principle in healing - a clarifying summary by Dr. Bass, of the findings of leading Natural Hygienists over more than a century.
It also shows the continuing development of the hygienic diet based on these principles - and most recently the essential role of Dr. Gian-Cursio, who came to question the so-called truths of the then-popular Natural Hygiene vegan diet, due to problems with his patients.
- It is worth noting that Dr. Gian-Cursio was condemned, and removed from IAHP, the hygienic doctors' organization. (That veganism could create problems was controversial.) Even today Dr. Cursio's results are quite unknown among hygienists.

The Energy Principle in Healing
New Concepts in Nutrition, Health and Rapid Healing of Illness

(The Basic Keys to Complete Success in These)


In 1962, I was requested by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton of The Hygienic Review to interview Dr. Christopher GianCursio, who had taken care of 3 generations of Natural Hygienic patients in upstate New York. Dr. Shelton wanted to know the present condition of the vegetarian families, to be published as an article in his monthly Hygienic Review magazine.

On Sept. 2, 1962, Dr. Cursio and I drove to Batavia, New York, where we were lodged at the home of gracious Mr. and Mrs. Penepent, which became a focal point for the reception of about 20 people the first evening, followed by additional patients on two following days. The results were recorded by me, written up and sent to Dr. Shelton. For reasons unknown, most probably due to the somewhat radical changes Dr. Cursio introduced into the nutrition of his patients (beginning in 1934 and continuing through 1962), the interview was not published.

I didn't hear from Dr. Shelton thereafter until Sept. 28th, 1976, a lapse of 14 years.
Now once again he wrote to me requesting me to reinterview Dr. Cursio's patients, bringing all the changes which had occurred up-to-date. The following is a reproduction of the letter Dr. Shelton sent to me:

Tuesday Sept. 28, 1976
Dear Dr. Bass:
I have read your interesting artide on Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists and am inclined to want to publish it, but too much time has elapsed since your visit to upstate New York with Chris, and much water has flowed under the bridge since then. As a finale, why not provide me with a couple of pages telling me and the readers the present condition of the vegetarian families and also outline the changes in Cursio's dietetic use and practices which he now espouses. I will hold your article awaiting your reply.

With best wishes, I remain sincerely
and Hygienically yours,
H. M. Shelton

I responded with the following letter to Dr. Shelton:

Oct. 14, 1976
Dear Dr. Shelton:
In order to comply with your request of bringing the article up-to-date, I called and visited Dr. Cursio on October 10, 1976. He placed a call to Batavia, New York and put me in touch with Anthony Penepent, a member of the second generation of natural hygienists of the Penepent family, with whom I spoke at length. He provided me with the following information about the changes which have occurred with the Penepent family since I first met them on Sept. 2, 1962.

Stanley S. Bass

(Further details are available in With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists)

In Dr. Shelton's letter to me of Sept. 28, 1976, along with a description of the vegetarian families, Dr. Shelton asked me to outline the changes in the dietetic views and practices which Cursio now espouses. The following was gleaned from Dr. Cursio, the result of advising over 40 people throughout three generations. I quote from p. 9 and 10 in my book With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists

I found that Dr. Cursio's ideas are basically those of Natural Hygiene. In an article which he wrote and submitted to Dr. Shelton years ago entitled "Precision in Natural Hygiene," he extended these concepts into clinical practice - his concepts were merely a modification based upon Natural Hygiene principles. They had to do with the
  • quality,
  • quantity,
  • timing, and
  • sequence of eating.

    Basically, I saw that there was no difference between what Dr. Gian-Cursio advocates and what a true Natural Hygienic practitioner would advocate - but with this exception:
    The concepts, theories, or principles upon which Natural Hygiene is based are accepted as eternal and inviolable. The difference was in the application or interpretation of these principles and the quantitative utilization or accentuation of some of these hygienic concepts.
    The people that I wrote about involved a period which began in 1935. Shortly after these people accepted natural hygiene as a way of life, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton lectured in Rochester, New York

    At that time, he met these people as well as the grandparents of these three generations. These people have been Natural Hygienists from the very early days of the renaissance of Natural Hygiene. (It began with the writing of Dr. Shelton's book Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws.)

    The term Natural Hygiene came into usage after Dr. Shelton and Dr. Gian-Cursio met, when they discussed an appropriate term to distinguish it from medical hygiene.

    In these three generations, we have here a laboratory of the highest biotic quality that has been continuing for 42 years, producing evidence of the great value of Natural Hygiene, when its principles are translated into techniques of life that are compatible with physiological laws. These three generations are now expanding into four, yet in all this time there has not been one death. Also, except for acute remedial processes of a few days duration, there has not been a chronic disease. Many vestiges of chronic disorders have been eliminating during this time as these individuals progressed or evolved into higher plateaus of health.

    The modifications that have been made in technique in applying the principles of Natural Hygiene are based on a simple principle: that there be economy of body structure and energy - that in every agent, method, and condition there be maximal utilization with minimal expenditure of power - so that there be enough energy left over that the body can use for healing purposes.

    Dr. Gian-Cursio has kept these principles before him as cardinal precepts, teaching that whatever is utilized must always be in conformity with bodily need and never against organismal intelligence. In being quantitatively precise, it presupposes optimal quality of any factor utilized that we consider Natural Hygienic.

    The difference, basically, that I noted in my study of the diet of these individuals is that there has been
    • an accentuation or increase of the green leaf vegetables while at the same time there has been
    • a reduction in the amount of fruit, especially those that are highly acid (citric, etc.).
    • Also, the fast has been used at the very first symptoms of any remedial detoxicating process that we call acute disease such as colds and minor disturbances that commonly occur when vegetarians and even Natural Hygienists experience when they habitually overconsume foods even though they are natural.

    The End

    Energy is the key factor in all bodily function.

    PART 2

    Today, on June 16th, 2001, I have added the following commentary explaining in detail the modifications made in the technique of Dr. Cursio in applying the principles of Natural Hygiene. (Since I have known and studied with Dr. Cursio for more than 40 years, I feel qualified to interpret his views.)
    Dr. Cursio, in following a simple principle, "That there should be economy of body structure and energy - that there should be maximal utilization with minimal expenditure of power in every agent used, so that there be enough energy left over that the body can use for healing purposes," aimed at maximizing the healing process.

    To put it simply, the basic idea is based upon the fact that all healing and regeneration is in ratio to the amount of energy which is available - the more energy, the more detoxicating healing, the less energy available, the less the improvement. Energy is the key factor in all bodily function.
    It could also be expressed in the formula V - O = P, or "Vitality minus Obstruction equals Power."

  • Vitality (which is present in the body)
  • - (minus, removal of )
  • Obstruction (toxins which interfere with the availability of energy, which is indispensable for healing or any malfunction).
  • This removal of Obstruction results in Power, which is now freely available in large quantity for maximal healing.

    In this respect, Dr. Cursio consistently discouraged patients from expending energy in unnecessary exercise, allowing no more than simple walking in moderate amounts during the more critical phases of the healing process.
    In my own experience, I can verify the correctness of this view. I once fasted 30 days on water while taking care of patients and was very active in physical exercise throughout. At the end of the 30 days, beyond the loss of 35 pounds, the healing process had been very minimal compared to many other fasts I had undertaken.

    This rule also applies to all people who are not ill and wish to perform their best work and thinking.
    Since the digestion of food takes precedence in the body to all other activities - physical, mental, spiritual and even sexual - the more empty the stomach, the more energy is available for other activities.

    It was for this reason that more than 40 years ago I trained myself to eat one meal a day, which was in the evening after work. As a result of this, from the time I opened my eyes to my evening meal, I always felt excellent, had lots of energy, and my mind was always able to concentrate on the most difficult and abstract writings without fatigue. I always advised college students to omit all food before exams, and they would be amazed at how well their memories functioned.
    For men who had difficulties in erection during sex and thought they were becoming impotent, the empty stomach concept proved to be a miracle. How could anyone perform well in any act, especially one so sensitive as sex, when he previously had a good dinner of 6 or more courses, thus drawing the greatest amount of blood as well as energy to the stomach for 4 to 6 or more hours for digestion, thus removing both blood and a vast quantity of energy from all other muscles, as well as the brain. (Read Dr. Bass Energy Karezza books.)

    This law of the conservation of energy applies to all physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (meditative) acts without exception when related to the process of digestion. Those who eat the smallest meals while providing the body with all of its requirements invariably live the longest. This is been proven in animal experiments as well as with humans as far back as history goes.

    Based upon this principle, I would state that -
  • Health is energy functioning in the body under conditions that are normal - and
  • Disease is energy functioning in the body under conditions that are abnormal.

    What are the normal conditions? They are the providing of the correct quality of food and fluids and, more importantly, the correct quantity of these to the body daily, along with all other factors, such as clean air, proper rest and sleep, thought, etc. The abnormal conditions are deficiencies in the necessary nutrients and, more frequently, accumulations of excesses in both poor quality and good quality foods. These excesses eventually build up as obstructions in the body, leading to loss of energy, followed by retention of water, which finally produce diseases.

    The greatest loss of energy occurs in the
  • digestion of food (especially when it is in the stomach), followed by
  • absorption,
  • assimilation and
  • fixation of nutrients in the cells and tissues.
    The greater the consumption of food beyond the body's requirements, which is very little, the greater the expenditure of energy, leaving less available for the healing process. (Note: Luigi Cornaro lived on 12 oz. of food a day and 14 oz. of grape juice beginning from 35 years up to 102 years in perfect health.)

    The weaker and sicker the patient, the smaller the quantity of food which can be digested, and when the condition is acute and painful, no food should be consumed at all except water alone. This allows the body to direct all of its energies to the healing process. Here is where we witness the most amazing cures of diseases.

    Also, in relation to the concept that there be maximal utilization of food with minimal expenditure of energy, this required that food be prepared in a manner that required minimal digestive energy and in a form to allow for maximal utilization. For example, if the body required a large amount of minerals, enzymes, vitamins etc., which are best found in green leafy vegetables, this could be satisfied by the use of vegetable juices or blended salads. The use of
    1. vegetable juices requires no digestion at all;
    2. the blended salads require almost no digestion and will provide approximately 4 x the amount of minerals etc. as compared to eating and chewing of the same amount of a tossed salad.

    The tremendous amount of digestive energy saved in the use of these 2 procedures by Dr. Cursio led to greatly accelerated healing, as well as increased utilization of the observed elements, eliminating skeletal abnormalities while at the same time allowing for a generalized improvement throughout the entire body.

    This implied the use of
  • the best quality of food available, preferably organic. The diet was also to
  • contain a total impact of all the nutritional factors needed, given
  • in the best combination and sequence to simplify digestion and only
  • in the minimal amounts which could be utilized thoroughly,
    therefore leaving the maximal amount of energy available for the healing process.

    And finally, as stated in the article, the basic alterations in the diet as compared to earlier traditional Natural Hygienic diets were 1. an increase of the green leafy vegetables, 2. a decrease in the amount of fruit, especially those that were highly acid (citric, etc.), and 3. the use of the fast at the first symptoms of acute disease (inflammation, pain, colds etc.)

    Dr. Stanley S. Bass

    June 16th, 2001

    1 fl. oz.=30 ml

    Note 1: Here is a more complete list of the alterations by Dr. Cursio (as compared to earlier traditional vegetarian Natural Hygiene diets):
    1.   an increase of the green leafy vegetables
    2.   a decrease in the amount of fruit
    3.   the use of the fast at the first symptoms of acute disease
    4.   an introduction of raw eggs
    5.   an introduction of certain raw milk cheeses
    6.   an introduction of raw vegetable juices
    7.   an introduction of raw blended green salads

    Note 2: Dr. Stanley Bass now has been testing omnivorous diets since the late 1990's, making the following alterations (compared to Dr. Cursio)
    8. an introduction of raw fish
    9. an introduction of other raw animal foods
    10. minimizing fruits
    11. correct amounts are critical for optimal results
    and his experience is that low-carb omnivorous (raw) diets give the absolute best health results, quicker and better than both (raw) vegetarian and vegan diets.
    By becoming a patient of Dr. Bass, you will get access to the latest information.
    Learn more about the 1-month program.

    Note 3: Further details (about problems with veganism) are available in the book With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists by Dr. Stanley S. Bass -- see the introduction page With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists - with a Dr. Gian-Cursio interview.

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