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"After two years of experiments I concluded that the ideal diet is approximately 75 to 85% raw food"   "I still worry about people who attempt to be fruitarians." "Most bodies can handle toxemia for a long time. Deficiencies damage us much more quickly." "We need broad studies on vegetarianism, all the different types of vegetarianism."


In Search of the Ultimate Vegetarian Diet

Excerpts from
"In Search of the Ultimate Diet"
Volume I
As a believer in raw food vegetarianism myself, I feel a moral imperative to share the disturbing, surprising results of my experiments with mice.

The following materials represent a four-year project I undertook to answer fundamental questions about nutrition, questions such as what is the best diet for humans? Which is most conducive to maximum life span, health, happiness, and freedom from disease? Can it be a diet which includes meats? Seafood? Fruitarian? ....

..... I wondered how long I would have to wait to discover relevant information. I felt it could easily take another hundred years. I felt so frustrated that I started to think about setting up my own mouse trials.

..... Now, how do most people work out their theories and approaches to diet? From books. If the book is in error, like the old joke says, "Nice fellow, he died of a misprint, you know." It can happen, easily. We need broad studies on vegetarianism, all the different types of vegetarianism.

Advantages of working with mice
..... Why are mice experiments so good? Well, as the medical man who headed the Longevity Research Institute in California, Dr. Roy Walford, neatly observes in his book "Maximum Life Span":
"If mice cannot live on a diet, you can be sure humans can't."

Dr. Walford explains that the metabolism of mice is close to humans. As warm-blooded animals, mice suckle their young. They require much the same minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and carbohydrates that we do. Mice need just a little less food that we do for their size, and their life span is proportionate, a ratio of 30 to 1, thirty days of human life to one day of a mouse.

Difficulties in obtaining clinical experience with patients
Speaking as a practitioner, there are problems with trying to get answers from clinical experience with human beings. Simply put, if you put people on a diet, they will cheat much of the time because it's difficult to change from one diet to another. When your patients come back to you for re-examination, lots of times they're ashamed to admit they've cheated. So they lie to you, and you can't get a true picture. Let me give you an example.
I'll ask, "Did you follow the diet?"
"What do you mean, 'Yeah'? A hundred percent? What percentage?"
"Why, I'd say about 90%."
"What did you eat that was not on the diet?"
"Well, I had a pizza one time, and we had a Bar Mitzvah so I had steak there..."
Too often they get tempted to stray from their diet, go on a binge, shrug, and say, "Well, tomorrow I'll start." You can read about this in my book "Overcoming Compulsive Habits", which discusses all the copouts there are.

Difficulties due to humans' varying nutritional reserves - Example B12
..... Unlike mice - whose deficiencies show up immediately - a human can go for many years before he uses up his reserves and his body begins to deteriorate.
Consider the B12 factor. It's been discovered that human beings can function five or more years without getting B12. They are living on their reserves. Then, after five years, some people will start to develop symptoms. Others can degenerate and completely break down in five years. But many can last for up to ten years. ....

Difficulties due to deceptive feelings of well-being on certain diets
..... There are other reasons for a deceptive feeling of well-being. Even if you practice a regimen for a year or two you might feel good simply because you are stimulated from an increased sugar content in the diet, as in fruitarianism. You get on a kind of high. You say, "Wow, this is a paradise diet. I'm in heaven. This is the way to live!" You follow the diet happily and then, wham, you run into a vitamin deficiency, your health falls apart, and you can't reverse it anymore. This is a danger in fruitarianism. ....

Luigi Cornaro lived l02 years
If you follow a minimal diet you can achieve super nutrition. Let's look at Luigi Cornaro, a man who at age 35 was weak, sick, and dying.
Click here for the continued story.

Test starts
Not surprisingly, I decided to begin with a test of the fruitarian diet. Additionally, a prominent educator was writing that the fruitarian diet was the ultimate diet of man, that man is a fruitarian by nature, and that we shouldn't even eat vegetables. I said to myself, "Okay, let's see what the mice have to say." .....

My personal experiences with fruitarianism
Now I had tried to be a fruitarian myself for two years when I was in my early thirties. I followed the teachings of Arnold Ehret, and I ran into problems such as inflammation of my gums, some loosened teeth, a noticeable paleness and weight loss from 170 to 140 pounds. I lived as a fruitarian for two years with very little cheating. I had always attributed my failure as a total fruitarian to the fact that I didn't have enough willpower. It wasn't until my mice experiments thirty years later that I realized the cheating saved my life.

Mice and the fruitarian diet
I put a group of mice on a fruitarian diet. But they didn't seem to be eating very much fruit, and they certainly weren't crazy about it. .....

..... When I returned them to the fruitarian diet, after the second day they started the cannibalistic behavior again. They grabbed another young mouse and this time they ate it. The poor thing. I saw it happen. I was shocked. I'd never seen anything like this. "What happened here?" I asked myself.
I had given them a fruitarian diet, a diet that some natural health practitioners fervently believe in. Then I added corn, then avocado, foods that fruitarians are not supposed to include, and still I ran into trouble. It really scared me to witness what had happened to my mice. I worried then and still worry about people who attempt to be fruitarians.

Deficiencies from fruitarian diet
..... To relate the results to humans, this trial seemed to indicate that after being a fruitarian for the human equivalent of three months, humans would show deficiencies and imbalances and health problems. My results suggested that if a fruitarian lived strictly without cheating he would be able to do so for three months before deficiencies began to show. But since the average fruitarian cheats, he doesn't know the diet doesn't work. If he didn't cheat, after three months his body would start breaking down. He wouldn't necessarily die, but problems would start to develop.

I immediately added greens, lettuce leaves, and carrot tops. I was stunned by this experience. I determined that the cause of death was due to protein deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, and possible sugar poisoning from the excess fruit. This shocked me. I became so disillusioned that I stopped fruit in all the cages. I had about five cages at the time with about 150 mice. From there on no mice got fruit anymore. Only later, after many months, equivalent of several human years, did I gradually re-introduce a little fruit

Looking for a cancer diet
Then I began another diet. At the time I was looking for a nutritional approach to cancer. I was also looking for a diet that had everything the body needed but was close to a fast for those people who couldn't fast. For example, people who were emaciated, people who had a fear of fasting, or whatever. .....

How to survive during a famine
..... or you were poor, you were broke, and you had a large family it's interesting to realize that you could bring the whole family up in perfect health on dried milk or whole milk plus whole wheat alone and nothing else. .....

Toxicity versus deficiency
..... In other words, you could live longer if you ate a complete diet which had salt and pepper and contaminants and chemicals, even fluorides in the water, even sprayed chemicals on the food, than if you ate an incomplete diet. But if the foods were whole and natural, you would live longest and healthiest.

..... We are all more or less toxic to some extent, and we all increase toxins in the blood temporarily when we exercise, but we are not all sick. Most bodies can handle a large degree of toxemia for a long time. Deficiencies damage us much more quickly.
That's the difference between the two evils.

....... In humans, the deficiencies develop more subtly. You could be a vegetarian on a very imbalanced diet and feel good for five, seven, even ten years, but after ten years you'd start to fall apart when you have used up your reserves of B12 and D. When that happens, down you go. And once down, it is very hard to get back up.

The ideal vegetarian diet
To jump to the end for a moment. After two years of experiments I concluded that the ideal diet is approximately 75 to 85% raw food, with the rest cooked vegetables .......

Testing egg yolk and egg white
..... Interestingly, in the raw food vegetarian cage of mice, when I substituted egg yolk instead of cheese, the growth was even more rapid.

..... And all the books were saying, "Egg yolks, stay away from them. You'll die of cholesterol. They'll give you heart attacks." For me, I considered one egg a good maximum. Two only for emergencies. Even though Dr. Cursio used daily as many as four egg yolks on some patients, their blood pressure dropped steadily. I found the same to be true. Lecithin in egg yolks appears to negate cholesterol deposition in arteries.
When I saw the results with the mice, I changed my opinion about eggs.

Greens were indispensable
..... I found that greens were indispensable. I had tested all the vegetables, and I found that the mice preferred lettuce and carrot tops to all the vegetables. In fact, I raised them for over ten years in human time almost exclusively on lettuce. Mostly iceberg because I was able to get the outer leaves free. And they did well even though we know iceberg lettuce isn't the best lettuce.

..... Every time I made a discovery with the mice I introduced it with my patients. I found with each discovery that when I introduced it into the diet of a patient, greater improvements resulted. I was excited. I was into new territory, and I saw no limit to the tremendous knowledge that could unfold. Dr. Cursio was also excited because my findings helped to verify his work as accurate.

Maximum amount of fruit to eat
..... You should eat no more than two to three varieties daily of medium fruit - like an apple, an orange, and a banana. Save bananas for the end of the day. Or half a cantaloupe and a mango. Or two medium grapefruits and a handful of cherries.

Gorillas, orangutangs and chimps
...... I'm going to tell you something interesting. The highest apes related to man are the gorillas, the orangutangs, and the chimps. A chimp will eat maybe up to 50% fruit, but they are nervous characters. Now the orangutang will eat up to about 15% fruit. The orang's a beautiful animal and much more gentle and lovable than the chimp. But a gorilla eats only 3% fruit. Did you know it will bypass fruit for vegetables and shoots? .....

In closing
..... the solution is simple. Small adjustments in the raw food diet can help users avoid slowly developing but disastrous health problems. These small changes can lead to optimum longevity and magnificent health - physically, mentally, and spiritually.
As a believer in raw food vegetarianism myself, I feel a moral imperative to share the disturbing, surprising results of my experiments with mice. I hope to help health seekers avoid hidden dangers in their journey toward health, strength, and happiness. I hope my discoveries have shed a little light on your journey.

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Interview with Dr. Bass:
So you were a fruitarian, and a raw vegan, and finally came to the conclusion that those diets will cause deficiencies?
Actually this is quite a common route. Many vegans (who are not cheating) have through their own experiences come to the same conclusion.
Here is an typical example from Arnold DeVries book "The Elixir of Life":

"The late Mahatma Gandhi devoted much of his life to the advocacy of strict vegetarian diet, and for years he experimented on his own body to find a suitable selection of plant foods on which to sustain health.

But all attempts were failures. In 1929, Gandhi and 22 companions went on a diet consisting of a limited selection of uncooked plant foods. Whereas the diet worked out well for a time and led to marked improvement in consumptive cases, it failed to prove adequate on a long-range sustenance basis. One by one Gandhi's companions were forced to depart from the diet, and Gandhi himself had to add goat milk to his fare in order to regain health.

"For my companions I have been a blind guide leading the blind," declared Gandhi after the experiment was over. Gandhi still felt, however, that "the hidden possibilities of the innumerable seeds, leaves and fruits" of the earth could be explored and found to provide mankind with adequate nourishment. He never stopped trying to experiment along these lines, but he always had to turn back to goat milk to regain his strength.

In the end he had to acknowledge the necessity for animal food. In 1946 he declared: "The crores of India today get neither milk nor ghee nor butter, nor even buttermilk. No wonder that mortality figures are on the increase and there is a lack of energy in the people. It would appear as if man is really unable to sustain life without either meat or milk and milk products. Anyone who deceives people in this regard or countenances the fraud is an enemy of India."

These are strong words from a man who devoted most of his life to the search for a satisfactory vegetarian diet. But Gandhi's experience is not unique in the field of nutrition. Many others have also gone through the experience of believing that man could thrive exclusively upon a limited selection of uncooked plant foods, only to find in the end that animal products were necessary for sustenance.

Note that Arnold DeVries himself started out as a convinced fruitarian, but in the end became a strong supporter of Weston-Price theories.

And here is another example from chetday.com:

Deficiencies on the Vegan Diet Nearly Destroyed our Health.
By Greg Westbrook - Author of: "When Hallelujah Becomes: What Happened ?"

When we transitioned to an all-raw vegan diet in 1994 and then to the Hallelujah Diet (an 85% raw vegan diet) in 1997, we were so pleased with the results that we never dreamed our diet would one day let us down. We did not have the vision to realize that we were on a deficient diet barreling down a road to nowhere, and that we would one day have to stop the car and back up a very, very long way.

My weight had dropped to 120 pounds, and I was only a ghost of my normal weight of 155 pounds. We heard from the grapevine that people were talking about how old and tired Judie and I were looking.

I had also lost almost all my digestive power as well as five teeth to decay on the Genesis 1:29 Diet. And I was always cold, the result of slowing metabolism. Things were not looking good for us, but we still did not make the diet connection at that time.

Since we thought we were on "God's Ideal Diet," we decided to try even harder at the diet. More raw food, more juicing, more dehydrating, and soaking nuts and sprouting seeds, more Barleygreen, more exercise. And this is what we did for another year. We worked harder at the diet than ever, but to no avail.

We were rewarded with even more severe health problems.

Judie's head and neck-aches became unbearable, almost making her an invalid. I was extremely cold, and eating food always seemed to drag me down, rather than pick me up. Our daughter Sarah had no stamina or energy, and her food cravings had become almost unbearable. Our sons had problems too: Tim had no desire to do physical work any more, and Terry was beginning to suffer constantly from anxiety and depression. Worse yet, we were beginning to see the same problems in others outside our family who were on the Genesis 1:29 Diet.

By the spring of 2001, it began to dawn on us that we had better take another look at our diet.

Click here for the whole story.
At the same website you can read about Chet Day's own vegan experience.

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