Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio and his student Stanley Bass are part of a long line of doctors/teachers in the best drugless tradition that started in the 1830's with Dr. Jennings in USA. - They initiated using Natural Hygiene & Orthopathy with modern insulin theory, and warned about dangerous dietary deficiencies from veganism. They both had decades of experience as a 100% no-drugs doctors, and the younger of them a likely world record of 1000+ water-only fasts. - Free Downloads Here --- Enjoy this website!

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"In these three generations, we have here a laboratory of the highest biotic quality that has been continuing for 42 years, producing evidence of the great value of Natural Hygiene"   "Cursio: I noticed in the beginning of the third generation ... the nearsightedness, the hydroceles, and the abnormalities."   "What caused all this? - The excessive fruit eating and B12 deficiency"


Vegan Diet Dangers

The following excerpt from a booklet with 1962 and 1976 interviews with Dr. Gian-Cursio by Dr. Bass, "With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists", illustrates the difficulties early Hygienists had of putting together a vegetarian/vegan diet that was optimal and sufficient in all nutrients, as well as being as raw as possible.

This text is still extremely important, since similar mistakes are still being made today, typically by aspiring vegans and vegan raw-foodists. Deficiencies that sometimes hardly are noticed in the first generation, will show in children and grand-children.

Free download of the complete text is now possible from the books-page.

Dr. Bass' later research concentrated on finding the ultimate vegetarian diet. The result can be found in "In Search of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet", Volumes I and II ["Discovery of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet"], download possible at booklist, and in articles at this website.
-- Note: Newer research (e.g. see these: 1, 2, 3, 4 articles) has made Dr. Bass now concentrate on a more comprehensive ultimate diet, which includes non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods - more will come later on this website... --

Also, read the follow-up article New Concepts in Nutrition (NEW!), where Dr. Bass explains the energy concepts in more detail - giving a summary of nutritional knowledge accumulated over a lifetime.   webmaster

Excerpt from
With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists
Note: The following is taken from a recording which I made on October 10, 1976, of the dialogue between myself and Dr. Cursio for the purpose of supplying the information that Dr. Shelton requested of me regarding the "With Three Generations of Hygienists" article, as well as to present the changes which evolved in Dr. Cursio's dietetic views over the years from September 2, 1962, to the present time, October 10, 1976. Dr. Cursio called the Penepent family in Batavia, N.Y., and connected with Anthony Penepent.]

Dr. Cursio: Anthony, twelve years ago Dr. Bass wrote an article about the Penepent family of three generations of Hygienists. He sent it to Dr. Shelton and Shelton liked it, but it was 12 years too late. He wants to update it. He wants to know how many members there are – and the general psychological qualities of the family. Are they calm? The schooling, how many in college, how many graduated, the business, and all that to give an idea of how they increased in productivity and social orientation? Here's Dr. Bass.

[Note: Anthony Penepent was 30 years old and of the third generation when I talked to him in 1976. I asked him about the family and he replied:]

Anthony: Dr. Cursio first took care of my mother and father in 1935. They were Hygienists before I was born. [This is an important point.] My brothers were all youngsters when they became Natural Hygienists under Dr. Cursio's care. My brother Phil, he was the oldest, and about ten years old then and 25 years older than me. He had a heart condition. There were eight girls in the family. As a rule you could say that they kept away from drugs and all that and they've lived pretty good. And they're usually pretty calm. They're not argumentative which they ascribe to our lifestyle. One of the members of the second generation, in his middle 20's, has a bachelor's degree and a doctorate, and he's halfway through his medical basic sciences and he intends to be a medical doctor, but to practice Natural Hygiene. He was born after his mother had been in Hygiene about 10 years. [Note: all his brothers now have offsprings from which these thirty people came]. One had a serious cardiac condition in the early teens, who is now still a vital, healthy human being.

Dr. Bass: Are the children being raised the same way?

Anthony: Yes, they all are. Dr. Cursio sees them every time he comes here. Now from the father who was very ill, one of the sons is finishing medical school. He's in Italy. One girl is graduating from college in education.

Dr. Bass: You don't have the names? It may be confusing.

[Note: At this point, Anthony suggested I get the names from Dr. Cursio. We said goodbye here, and I continued the conversation with Dr. Cursio, who was present during the phone conversation.]

Dr. Cursio: He's raised four children Hygienically: Phil Jr., the oldest; Mike, a college graduate; and David and Mary Ann. That's in this one family now where the father, Phil Sr., was seriously ill with heart trouble, rheumatic heart at age 12. Now, I noticed in the beginning of the third generation, some of them that were born–this is where I noticed the nearsightedness, the hydroceles, and the abnormalities. Then I made my shift into more green stuff, blended salads early, cut out the orange juice – like I'd give the child the milk and I'd use the vegetable juice. Then I saw the difference.
The children were better – were more sturdy. Instead of pigeon-chested or chicken-chested, they were fine-chested.

Dr. Bass: In other words, you kept the blended salads going?

Dr. Cursio: Oh yeah! That was the change. I don't think there's a dental carie in the whole group.

Dr. Bass: That's a permanent change then, increased salads and blended salads?

Dr. Cursio: Yeah! They subsist 90%, I'd say 95%, on unfired food–and the other percentage they'd have some steamed vegetables like rice or potato or legumes. Basically, it's unfired. That's it! You've got it all. They are representative. This family is representative of many families in the area and elsewhere, where they've been raised this way. But this is like a sample, a sampling.

[The following represents the changes which have evolved in Dr. Cursio's dietetic views over the years leading up to the present time, ie. 1976].

Dr. Cursio: I observed many cases of pregnant women who had difficulties, women who were physically inadequate to have children and hence after pregnancy they accepted Natural Hygiene in order to have children that were healthy and also to make it possible for them to survive. In other words, sick women came to me. They were pregnant. They were having all they could to survive on their own, without pregnancy.

Dr. Bass: Talking about you [and your patients]?

Dr. Cursio: Yeah. I'm speaking now of the women who came to me. I'm speaking now how these changes took place – especially in the care of children–so that we have here problems that came up in the children when I followed the strict fruit program with nuts, and minimal amounts, compared to what I use now, of green stuff (salads). These children, the skeletal development wasn't right, the dental arches were not well-formed, teeth came in crowded because of it. I noticed a great deal of boys that were born who were herniated – who had what we call hydroceles. So, with the noticing of these conditions and other miscellaneous...

Dr. Bass: Can you state specifically what diet they were on?

Dr. Cursio: Their diet would be predominantly fruit, nut proteins, and a relatively small amount of salad compared to what they get now – they used to get one salad a day. They'd have a fruit meal in the morning, a fruit meal at noon, and a salad at night. In the morning, they'd have just fruit; at noon they'd have the fruit and nuts, and at night they'd have the salad, sometimes with nuts and sometimes with vegetables – but on this kind of a setup, I've been noticing the inadequacies in these children. Then I made the drastic changes! First I noticed the hydroceles, nearsightedness, the skeletal development. And the musculature was not developed in these children. But, at any rate, I started to think. In line with this of course were other things that I noticed with other individuals – people who had been living this way and living, I know, 100%. One of them – I don't think he's [Dr. Shelton] going to publish this – with Miss Natural Hygiene. There were two Miss Natural Hygienes. One of them came to me with multiple sclerosis. And gum recessions, dental caries I noticed. But a great deal of gum recession and marginal erosion of the gum line of the teeth. Now, at first I ascribed this to the citrus fruit, so I cut it down. I cut down on the amount of fruit, without making any relative increase in the green stuff (salads). Then, I finally found that though there were slight improvements, they were not sufficient. So then I figured there's got to be an additional factor here. There's got to be, what, I had talked to Weston Price about it – he was one of the men I spoke to. And, I said this is an X-factor that's missing – I don't know what it was. Later on, you know this work done on B 12 , I came to the conclusion that this perhaps was one of the factors that could lead to this kind of pathology.

Dr. Bass: Deficiency in B 12?

Dr. Cursio: Yes! It was only after adding green stuff that I started to see in the pregnancies that followed, and also in the children that were grown, that came from these pregnancies, the difference. Round heads instead of pear-shaped heads, better-formed teeth. And all the aberrations I had noticed – the near-sightedness, the hernias, the hydroceles, and the musculature that was weak – that all disappeared. There was never another case after this. I was also able to witness an increase, for example, in the blood chemistries, the improvements in the mothers and in the adults, who were put on this kind of a setup. Hemoglobin – where they had microcytic anemia or macrocytic anemia, the nutritional anemias – they cleared up. Now, this was with the addition of the salads, but even so, I was not satisfied. In trying to evaluate the absolute amount of every nutrient, I found it was inadequate. They couldn't eat that amount, and they didn't have the time to eat that amount.

Dr. Bass: The salad?

Dr. Cursio: Hence the blended salad. To insure the proper impact, the proper intake in sufficient amounts with minimal expenditure of energy, especially in the ill, so that we had the assimilation, and we had the utilization with the minimal usage of vital power, and leaving sufficient energy, you know, for reparative and healing and restorative purposes.

Dr. Bass: What about the oxidation factor which occurs during blending?

Dr. Cursio: Well, sure, there's a minimal amount, but that was overcome and balanced up by the increased utilization. Now, because there was increased utilization, you had to be very selective in the kind of foods you used. So you didn't want an imbalance of nutrients. You didn't want to have an imbalance of the chloride ratios, you know, like an overload of potassium over sodium. There have been some studies made which indicate that potassium in excess could prove carcinogenic, you know, could create an ionization, I mean. There was some work done with the Japanese. And I was in correspondence with one of the men who had done this work, so that I was very cautious that I used only certain raw things that I felt had this proper ratio.

Dr. Bass: Can you mention any names of these people?

Dr. Cursio: This Japanese fellow, I'd have to get the letter. Marvin has this letter. He has a copy of it. I can't find the original. But he wrote to me. As a matter of fact, I was going to have his article published in a magazine, but we just didn't go to press anymore.

[Referring to Journal of Health, edited by Christopher Gian-Cursio. Winter 1964 was the last issue.]

Dr. Bass: In sending this material to Dr. Shelton, shall I quote you?

Dr. Cursio: Quote me – also your observations too. These were studies that were made on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. What we call clinical studies and observations, in which there was a morphology, a clinical observation based on, you know, recovery, rates of recoveries. And also in post-fasting nutrition, when this kind of setup was used, that they rebuilt and were able to get back to a normal musculature. There were individuals who came to me, for example, who'd never been able to go beyond the skeletal stage. After they fasted they just seemed to stay thin – and no matter what you tried. And after you gave them blended salad for awhile, they started to fill up again.

Dr. Bass: And they wouldn't do it on the whole salad?

Dr. Cursio: But the one thing that forced my attention to the defects, that was the recession of gums and the marginal erosion of the gum line of the teeth, nails that wouldn't grow, nails that were deformed, toenails, fingernails, all of this. Also warts tend to form on these cases. They tend to get moles or proliferation of moles. And there were all things of this nature that started to make me suspicious. Why, in a so-called ideal diet, was this happening? I didn't want to go back to meat. I didn't want to go back to fish, as some Hygienists did in the past, like Walter did.

Continued in the booklet "With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists", that you can download for free - click here.

Also read:   Dr. Cursio's Natural Hygiene Diet and Food plan - for an example of his improved vegetarian diet. With recipes of raw juice and blended salad. Explains how the body starts purifying and detoxifying on this diet.
"You generally start your meal with a freshly prepared vegetable juice. Then you follow with a blended or tossed salad - foods that are rapidly handled by the body."

Also read the follow-up article:   New Concepts in Nutrition, Health and Rapid Healing of Illness --- for more about Dr. Gian-Cursio, the principles of Natural Hygiene, the search for an optimal diet, and the energy principle in healing:
"there must be maximal utilization with minimal expenditure of power - so that there be enough energy left over for healing purposes."

Also see: Sequential Eating - for advanced food combining concepts - and digestion times of different foods. And blended salads.

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Interview with Dr. Bass:

Q: How well-known is it that all-vegetarianism (veganism) can cause health trouble?

A: Amazingly enough there is still a lot of educational work to be done. For example, listen to this voice, from the October 2002 M2M e-magazine:

Letter to M2M from Essene vegetarian raw-fooder:

2) I hereby request people who have had either very good results (healings and/or robust health) or very poor results (health problems) on a raw vegan diet to briefly write-up their experience and mail it to me.

I am doing research for a book in which I will publish an unbiased study on the experiences people have had with the diet. This book will include any reports of great healings and robust health, but will also include reports of people apparently crippled or whose death seems to have been related to the diet. If any of you know people who fall into either category, please request that they send me their story.

I feel that an unbiased study and report needs to be done. Let me explain why.

My own experience with raw foods is as follows. When 17, I met an elderly Essene man who was a raw fooder who ate dairy. He became my mentor and I followed his diet. We made raw yogurts and other fermented dairy products from mostly goat and sheep milk from animals well taken care of. (With fermented dairy the lactose is predigested and does not cause mucous and is very digestible.) I ate that diet for many years and was very healthy. Then, due to my attraction to the philosophy of veganism, I became a vegan raw fooder. I never felt as healthy on that version of the diet and after five years on that version I lost the use of my feet and was nearly crippled. I had to crawl to the bathroom. I had my blood tested and was B-12 anemic. I began taking B-12 and eating dairy. The B-12 healed my nerve problems, but I believe it was the protein in the fermented dairy that healed my feet and muscle tissue. (On the vegan version my muscle tissue seemed to be eating itself; after adding the yogurt my muscle tissue healed itself.)

Since my negative experience as a raw vegan I have been on the mostly raw with fermented dairy version another five years and feel fantastic. Thus, all together I have eaten the raw with dairy diet 15 years, always feeling fantastic and being physically fit. The five years as a raw vegan resulted in my body falling apart.

While I was a vegan I preached that philosophy with great fervor. I truly believed it was the best diet. Whenever I heard a raw vegan or cooked vegan describe health problems that they experienced on the vegan diet, I chalked it up to either 1) They are just detoxing; or, 2) They are not following the diet correctly. But after my own negative experience as a raw vegan I began to honestly open my eyes. The following is a synopsis of what I found.

Because I was by this time a "noted raw food speaker" and intimate with other famous raw food speakers/experts, I was often at their homes and getting to know them. I found that many of these noted speakers/experts/authors were experiencing anxiety attacks, panic attacks, clinical depression, and various muscle tissue and other problems. However, what was most troubling, is that they didn't want the public to know. I won't name names because that would be betraying confidential interactions, but many of them called me when they were needing some sort of advice for dealing with these ailments. Then, at the next big raw food conference, there that person would be, preaching the amazing benefits of the 100% raw vegan diet, signing copies of their books, and speaking negatively about cooked food eaters and those who eat only partially raw or are not vegan. This was a major eye-opener for me. I realized that once a person is earning their livelihood and getting their "positive strokes" by being an author/expert on the raw/vegan diet, it is very hard for them to admit that the diet is not working in their own life. It would mean that their own books were no longer valid, and they would need to find another way to earn their livelihood.

But there is another reason that raw food author/experts (as well as the non-famous raw vegans) do not publicly admit their problems with the diet. Because people have been shamed into not admitting their hardships on this diet, each one believes they are the only one having the problem. This is especially true with anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and depression. I have been in a room with seven raw food experts and had personal knowledge that five of them had been struggling with those problems, and yet each of them thought they were the only one. Because I am a minister, many of these folks felt comfortable enough to seek counseling from me, but would not feel comfortable mentioning their problems to others. I once lived in a house with several raw food vegans. Every one of them ended up with nervous disorders such as panic attacks. One of them went on a raw food chat board and asked if it might be due to the diet and perhaps they should take B-12. The moderator of that chat board wrote back saying that the diet is perfectly fine and they were just going through detox. However, I was a personal friend of that moderator and so I knew what the other people on the chat board did not know: I knew that the moderator himself was suffering from terrible panic attacks and was even considering suicide (he had confided that to me, but on the chat board he moderated he still preached the party line: all problems are just detox).

I then read an issue of Chet Day's Health and Beyond newsletter in which former students of T. C. Fry wrote in and described how they had become crippled following his diet. I read another interview in that mag of a Natural Hygienist doctor who said that health problems "invariably" result in a 100% raw vegan diet.

Then, in a town very near me, one of the founding members of the local raw food group died at a very young age from heart problems. My guess is he was about 49 or so. The doctor told his wife that the man's body had begun to eat itself and destroyed his heart due to malnutrition. His body had not been getting enough nutrition on the raw vegan diet, as he did not absorb enough nutrients from raw foods. When his wife shared that info with the members of that raw food support group, she was told "the doctor is wrong. And if you are going to speak negatively about raw foods you are no longer welcome to attend." That was the support she got when her husband had just dropped dead. I then told a woman from a California raw food support group that story. She responded, "Oh, we just had a guy die from the very same thing. The doctors said his body had begun to eat itself due to malnutrition. I began to wonder how prevalent these sorts of problems really are.

I could go on and on reporting similar things. But suffice it to say that I now believe there are problems with the raw vegan diet. And now that I have begun to share this sort of information, I am getting the exact response I have seen others get when they shared such info: brushed aside with some sort of negative remark.

Here is what I have decided to do. I am soliciting peoples experiences, good and bad, with this diet. I am doing a research project. It will be unbiased. In three years or so I will publish the results.

Last remark: I still think raw foods are great! I have thrived on a raw diet with yogurt for 15 years. I have friends who have thrived equally long including eggs in their raw diet. So, I am not against raw foods, I am in favour of them, but now believe their is something missing in the vegan form of the diet. I guess it is appropriate that, as an Essene, I now find myself supporting the version of the diet given by Jesus in the Essene Gospel of Peace (raw diet with dairy). When I was a raw food vegan I was embarrassed by Jesus' including raw dairy in the diet. Now I realize he knew what he was doing!

.... if you know of anyone who had either a great healing/robust health or bad problems on the raw vegan diet, send me that info for my research project: ....

In case you want to contribute - contact the Natural Health M2M and ask for the email address.

Also read: So you were a fruitarian, and a raw vegan, and finally came to the conclusion that those diets will cause deficiencies?

Q: I am supplementing my vegan diet with B12. Shouldn't that be enough?
A: You have to supplement with complete D-vitamins as well. What we get from the sunshine is only part of what we need.
And do you get enough long-chained fatty acids? These are are not available from vegetables, only from animal fats, and are necessary for normal brain and nerve development. A good source is fat fish, e.g. (wild) salmon.
For more on fats, read this extract from http://www.mercola.com/2002/feb/2/vegetarian.htm, Part 1:

Fats And Brain Size
"...... About half our brain and nervous system is composed of complicated, long-chain, fatty acid molecules. The walls of our blood vessels also need them. Without them we cannot develop normally. These fatty acids do not occur in plants.
Fatty acids in a simpler form do occur, but they must be converted into the long-chain molecules by animals - which is a slow, time-consuming process. This is where the herbivores come in. Over the year, they convert the simple fatty acids found in grasses and seeds into intermediate, more complicated forms that we can convert into the ones that we need.

Our brain is considerably larger than that of any ape. Looking back at the fossil record from early hominids to modern man, we see a quite remarkable increase in brain size. This expansion needed large quantities of the right fatty acids before it could have occurred. It could never have occurred if our ancestors had not eaten meat. Human milk contains the fatty acids needed for large brain development - cow's milk does not. It is no coincidence that in relative terms, our brain is some fifty times the size of a cow's.
The vegetarian will be dismayed to learn that while soy bean is rich in complete protein, and grains and nuts also combine to provide complete proteins, none contains the fats that are essential for proper brain development.

Although the eating of fats today is believed by some to be a cause of heart disease (erroneously, see The Cholesterol Myth), we know that our ancestors ate large amounts of fat. Animal skulls are broken open and the brains scooped out; long bones likewise are broken for their marrow content. Both brain and marrow are very rich in fat. .... "
(Note that flax seed oil contains a shorter-chained omega-3 fat ALA, which is a precursor to the long-chained omega-3 fats found in fish, DHA and EPA. More here and here.)

Q: What do you recommend if I am an ethical vegan not taking supplements?
A: To be a successful vegan you have to be knowledgable enough to avoid mistakes.
One problem area is deficiencies, e.g. of B12 and D vitamins. First, it is not unethical to use dairy and unfertilized eggs. Second, (bee) pollen is a good complement to a vegan diet. Another option are certain fermented products based on nuts, that contain bacteria-made B12 - but I consider these poor substitutes.
I once had a satsangi patient who said he would rather die than eat animal foods. So I recommended bee pollen. The amount should be minimum 2 tbsp per day, preferably more, perhaps 1-2 tbsp per meal. But I have lost touch with this person, so I don't know if it was enough to keep him in good health. In my mice studies, mice could survive and stay healthy on bee pollen and vegetables for a very long time, comparable to many decades for humans.
Concerning eggs and dairy, these should also be eaten at least once a day (it can be small amounts, and should be raw) - twice a week is not enough to stop degeneration, according to my mice studies. Make certain you read "With Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists", download here , and "The Ideal Vegetarian Diet by Dr. Cursio" here, for other good ideas for a healthy vegetarian diet.
Warnings signs that you are on a deficient vegetarian diet can be strong cravings, depression, or start of body disintegration. Note that you can live on a deficient diet for a long time, but you won't feel perfectly well and you won't function optimally. And one day you will have exhausted your reserves.
Another problem area is food quality and toxicity. Organic is better than non-organic. Raw food is better than cooked. And minimize carbohydrates, of any kind, see this page for reasons why, - instead eat more (vegetable) fats and proteins.

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