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"Our parents had passed away and I was able to do pretty much as I pleased.... After a few hours of shivering from the cold winds blowing in on my wet body, sure enough within a few hours, I developed chills, followed by a fever ..."


My First Water Fast

From 1936 to 1938 a friend of mine who had been diagnosed as having heart disease had been staying home and avoiding work. Fearful of straining his heart.

In 1938 he visited a Naturopath who told him that his diagnosis was wrong, that the pain he experienced was due to gas-pressure against the heart from faulty diet.
The doctor put him on an exclusive orange juice diet for 10 days which resulted in a cure of his condition and the end of his invalidism.

I asked my friend to get the name of the doctor who wrote on this subject of Natural Hygiene from this Naturopath, and the names he recommended were Wm. Howard Hay and Rasmus Alsaker.
I immediately went to the N.Y. Public Library reading room on 42nd Street, N.Y.C., and read all of their books.
These books referred to about 6 doctors who practised natural healing and drugless medicine.

While reading the writings of Dr. John H. Tilden, one of 6 doctors, I was startled by his statement that all colds, fevers and influenzas were nature's attempt to eliminate toxins and free the body of socalled disease.
Could this really be true, I pondered? If so, this radical and shocking fact changed the whole face of disease as a beneficent attempt of Nature to take care of her children and protect them from harm, as opposed to the idea that these illnesses were caused by bacteria and microorganisms.

I went home that day determined to find out if this was true.
I was 19 years old at the time, living with a sister and 2 younger brothers (our parents had passed away) and was able to do pretty much as I pleased.
I devised an experiment to test this theory.
It was winter at the time. One night I took a hot bath, opened the windows of my private bedroom wide and laid my wet body on a plastic waterproof cover I had put over the bed. I was trying to catch a cold or flu, after which I would go on a water fast to see if it worked as a quick healing and cleansing agent, as used by Dr. Tilden in his sanitarium.

After a few hours of shivering from the cold winds blowing in on my wet body, sure enough within a few hours, I developed chills, followed by a fever, great weakness and prostration.
I stayed in bed 3 days and nights, sleeping constantly and had no foods or liquids, after which my strength returned and I felt better than I ever did before. I had lost 10 lbs in the 3 days and I was so inspired and elated by the discovery of this great, new healing system, that I continued on the water fast for a total of 10 days.

Then I became a lacto-vegetarian, and began a new life, forever free from all fear of disease. Now I was convinced that disease was a healing process.

Afterwards ... in the 3 times I had influenza during my lifetime, I always went on a fast

38 day fast In the course of my life afterwards, I have always been my own doctor and in the 3 times I had influenza during my lifetime, I always went on a fast, and the flu NEVER failed to disappear after 3 days. This radical experiment changed my life forever.

The picture to the right shows me in 1956 on the 38th day of a water fast, while working. My weight is 158 lb.  
(Note: resting in bed while fasting is much preferable.)

Another interesting phenomena which I have experienced is, that on 3 occasions in my lifetime, whenever I had a dead or abscessed tooth causing inflammation and facial swelling, I invariably went on a water fast, and within 13 to 18 days the dead tooth fell out by itself. Naturally and painlessly.
The dentists I told this to were amazed and said they never heard of this. Yet I saved these teeth as proof of Nature being able to handle all conceivable physical problems.

April 12, 1994

Read more about fasting in Fruit-friend or foe?
"The 10 day water fast was an unforgettable experience. Since I was doing it with the only guidance from books, I was somewhat fearful at first, which I kept secret, but soon saw rapid changes in my appearance, which encouraged me to continue."

Also read:  How Important is Diagnosis? - by Dr. Stanley Bass, explaining the 3 factors of disease - namely enervation, toxemia, deficiency..
- "Even if a person has a baffling, rare disease and the diagnosis is unknown, if he or she eats properly or fasts if necessary, the body will surely heal itself, as long as sufficient vitality is present."

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about juice fasting (juice diet), water fasting and weightloss.
How do juice and water fasting compare?

Q&A ---- Interview with Dr. Bass:
What is important to know before ones first fast?
Water fasting is an ancient method, that is usually unequalled in speed and success for many hard-to-reverse diseases. But there are precautions: If your body is deficient in something, e.g. minerals, avoid water fasting. Vegans are often deficient. Newcomers to fasting need good supervision.

It is usually best to start with a short fast (max. 3 days, with bed-rest), then be on a good raw diet for a couple of months to let the body build health and strength, while removing its deficiencies. Then a short fast, then a good diet again, etc. In this way you'll avoid complications. Breaking the fast in a proper way is also very important.

Dr. Gian-Cursio observed migrating birds falling dead from the sky over New York on many occasions. Since these birds were fasting, his conclusion was that polluted air, as well as other toxins, can complicate fasts. Dr. Cursio therefore recommended fasting in an unpolluted environment. Persons who have been on drugs or are very toxic, or deficient / in a stage of depletion, always should be supervised professionally. Blood pressure and pulse are then checked daily, and the fast broken if necessary.

In the old days it was pretty easy and safe to go on a long water-fast.
Nowadays with all food additives, dangerous artificial fats and trans-fats, and potent drugs - all of which may have damaged people severely - it has become more difficult. E.g. almost all bakeries (and candy and ice cream makers) now use dangerous cheap artificial fats. Antibiotics can have damaged peoples immune systems. (Note: detoxification of antibiotics during fasting can give very high fevers.)
Actually it wouldn't surprise me if we within 20 years will get an enormous wave of mystery deaths, due to the low-quality foods and detrimental drugs we now give our children.

Also it is better to stay in bed, every day of the fast, with lots of sleep. I would not recommend ANY water-fast while working, long or short. If you want to work, you can instead go on a raw diet, or juice diet (juice fast). Download and read my Remarkable Recoveries booklet for descriptions of many different raw diets/juices, that have been used for disease-recovery. It will take longer time but essentially achieve the same result.
Also see How much weight-loss on juices vs. fasting?.

How should I break the fast?
Correctly ending a fast is extremely important. Since the stomach and digestive system have been taking a well-deserved rest, you have to start them up gently. Vegetable juices are fine, followed by small portions of raw foods over the next days. If you avoid sugar (fruits) for one week after a fast you should not develop the ravenous appetite that so easily can undo achieved weight loss. Note: serious (even life-threatening) problems can develop if you stuff yourself after a fast, especially with cooked foods.

What about enemas while fasting?
Many years ago, when I first started out I fasted many times while using enemas (colon cleansing). My experiences were negative, I often got weak and dizzy and experienced two blackouts. So I stopped the enemas, and never had any problems after that. Later I found out the Drs. Cursio and Shelton had had similar experiences, and also recommended against enemas.

What else do I need to know?
Don't take drugs, use toxins, or do anything enervating during a water fast. No acupuncture, no deep massage, no enemas, no work, no exercise allowed. Instead rest & sleep all the time, to conserve energy, which is needed for healing. If available energy is wasted, there will be no healing. If you need to work, instead go on a juice fast. If deficient (e.g. due to veganism), avoid water fasting - this is important. Water-fast maximally 3 days at a time, on your own.

Read about juice fasting here.
(TIP: To get knowledgable water fasting support contact fasting-certified fasting clinics and practitioners - these have completed (water) fasting internships and have a hygienic theoretical background. It is important to use knowledgeable fasting supervision. Also note: older fasting literature can be incorrect and in need of updating.)


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You can read the following books By Dr. Tilden at the free Soil and Health Library http://soilandhealth.org - (choose Health Library/Alternative Medical Therapies).

Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1909) Appendicitis: The Etiology, Hygienic and Dietetic Treatment.
One of the pithiest and most crusty of cantankerous doctors, John Tilden had little respect for his fellow MDs, but enormous respect for the ability of a human body to heal if only given a chance. PUBLIC DOMAIN
Tilden, J.H., M.D. (1928) Children: Their Health and Happiness.
How to raise happy, healthy children per Dr. Tilden. The good doctor's firmly-stated views are definitely not the wishy-washy uncertainties that many young parents seem to hold these days. Some may find great wisdom here; others will be repelled by his sociology of human nature. Tilden was opposed to vaccination and spoiling children. He was in favor of discipline. PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1924) Constipation: A New Reading On the Subject.
This ubiquitous ailment analyzed, dissected and its real cure indicated. Contains an interesting analysis of types of cases that pertains to all diseases. PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1921). Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure, Volume I
Tilden's magnum opus, wherein the attempts to explain almost everything he understood in one book. Volume 1 covers the general causes of disease and his general approach to restoration of health. PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Tilden, J. H., M.D. Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure, Volume II.
In part two, Dr. Tilden details treatment protocols for many different diseases. PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Tilden, J. H., M.D. Toxemia Explained. 1935
This polemic was printed and reprinted by Tilden, its prose re-polished half a dozen times from 1926-1935 as Tilden struggled to explain his thesis ever-more-clearly. Perhaps the finest explanation ever writen explaining why a body gets sick and what to do about it. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

This website is a good example of Natural Hygiene - a 150+ year old self-empowering healing and health philosophy that was started by medical doctors - but almost forgotten in the 20th century.
Learn why it is now becoming mainstream again. Learn more about why no-drugs healing methods are not only cheap, but vastly superior.
Visit the organization   International Natural Hygiene Society - where Dr. Bass is one of the founders.

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