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Did you know that you do not have to choose
- you can e.g. include water-fasting days within a juice fast!


For disease recovery, does it matter if I choose water fasting or juice fasting?

You can achieve the same result with either. Juice fasting (juice diet) is usually safer. It takes longer time to get the same results, but it gives milder detox reactions, and you don't have to be confined to a bed.
Water fasting used to be the absolutely best solution for diseases, but with today's bad air, deficient foods, toxic environments - this is no longer true, at least not as often. Especially the increase in antibiotics & other drugs have made people a lot weaker & sicker. It requires much more knowledge to water fast, when people are as toxic & deficient as they often are today. Due to the pollution in the atmosphere today, drawing upon the patients' reserves, the supervision has to be more careful, and water fasts have to be shorter.
But it requires a lot of knowledge to achieve optimal results with juice fasting as well - with the wrong juices and wrong time-length, or with damaging energy-waste via colonics, enemas, hot peppers, or toxic drink cocktails, your results will be minor.
On the other hand, proper juice diet and knowledgeable water fasting are unsurpassed when it comes to achieved health and energy.

For weight-loss, doesn't water fasting lead to more weight-loss faster?
Water fasting is necessary for acute disease cases, and in emergencies. In all other cases (vegetable) juice fasting is easier, safer and gives more energy. Raw vegetable juices is a very healthy way to lose fat, it will make you healthier as well as slimmer. During juice fasting you can function normally, you can exercise, go for walks and work. While during water fasts, you cannot.
You should lose on average around 1 lb a day on a correctly designed juice diet, plus the intestinal foods (4-5 lb) - after around 3 weeks it slows down to 1/2 lb a day. But, on the other hand - with the wrong juices you will not lose weight, or it slows down considerably. [Note: 1 lb = 1/2 kg]. Juice fasting is the preferred weight loss method in European fasting clinics, since it is easier, with more successful outcomes.
If you instead had been water fasting the weight loss should also be 1 lb per day (plus the extra loss of appr. 5 lb food from the intestines) --- more the first weeks, then less. But water fasting should always be done in bed. And for good results, water fasting must be much more restricted in time, due to today's environmental toxin problems.

For disease recovery, is it better to stick to juice fasting, or is whole raw diet better?
Both are necessary, in the proper sequence.
It's like asking: "is it better to be 16 years old, or 25?" There is no magic bullet. The body works in stages.
Properly conducted water and/or juice fasts, followed by correct raw diets can be more efficient than either, and therefore unsurpassed when it comes to positive results, both for disease recovery and weight loss.

For weight-loss - is juice fasting the best choice available?

It all depends on the juices. You must have the right quality of juice, the right amounts of juice, it must be carb-controlled (=no sugars), etc. Stick to vegetables. If you do, juice fasting will give excellent results, faster and healthier than most other choices. You will have more energy, than during a water fast, and there is less chance of "fasting & feasting". But of course, juice fasting must be correctly supervised for optimal results. Without enough knowledge you can upset the body balance and therefore will not get weight loss desired. But instead defeat you purpose.
Afterwards, after the fasting period, a lot of people go on the wrong diet - and waste the whole fast. Remember that after fasting you must always improve your diet!

How much juices is the minimum on a juice fast?

There is a minimum, and a maximum. As a rule drink at least 20 oz of juice per day, divided into small portions. In European clinics it is common to drink the vegetable juice 50% diluted with water. When it comes to individual differences, the quality differs more than the amount.
Organic is better - because less toxins means less energy-waste -
click here to read about energy. Sleep is essential - because it is mainly during sleep that your body will remove disease as well as achieve weight loss - and the body recharges with energy.
There are many types of juices involved in juice diets. One must know what kind of juices are best, and which combinations are effective. Each person is different.

What if I have strong cravings and can't stay on-track?

If your current diet is full of toxins and sugars, it is very stimulating. Instead of feeling how tired you really are, e.g. at the end of the day --- you'll eat or drink something and get stimulated, and keep on going. Many people crave constant stimulation, every day. This leads to enervation, and is how diseases get started.
Not only coffee stimulates, - but also candy bars, sugar & starches, peppers, drugs, alcohol, - even overeating is stimulating.
When you go on raw foods diet, or start on a fast, this constant toxic stimulation will stop!
Therefore, the first 5 days you may miss the stimulation, and instead feel weak and tired. You will now feel how tired you really are.
This is when it's very important to rest and sleep, instead of taking another stimulant. --- Therefore, some people may need 3 to 5 days for extra sleeping and resting in the daytime, initially. Take this into account when you plan for a juice diet, or a raw diet! The first days of a juice-fast it is best not to work - but instead respect eventual weakness (which is normal) and try to sleep & rest.
After this sleep & rest period has passed you should start to feel wonderful, with an overflow of real energy beginning to show. This extra energy is what your body needs, to accomplish maximal healing, and maximal weight loss. Now you can work & exercise, and feel energetic. On my own latest juice diet, on the 5th day I felt marvellous.

How important is breaking a juice fast properly?

It is best to be on a raw diet both before and after juice fast (juice diet). But, your body is much more forgiving during juice fasts, compared to water fasts. E.g. even if you break a juice fast improperly, it's usually ok. And it is possible to go directly from a typical junk diet to a juice diet.
But water fasting is different, here you must not make mistakes: e.g. you cannot go directly from junk to a long water fast. Your body must have enough reserves before water fasting, this is very important. How do you get these reserves? By being on raw foods before the fast.
Also, water fasts must be ended properly, all-raw, amount-controlled & carb-controlled - this is also extremely important.

What happens after the fast?

After the fast, which is detoxification instrument - another phase will start: the re-building phase. Current science points to low-carb diets, as being the best choice for this re-building phase -- preferably high-fat and with high-quality proteins.
Awareness of the energy picture is also essential in this phase - and saving (life, chi, nerve) energy in different ways is recommended, e.g. by avoiding negative emotions and sleeping more.

How long is it safe to fast?
The length of time for juice diets depends on the state of toxicity of each person, their condition and also on how long it takes each person to detoxicate. E.g. certain high-calorie juices can retain fluid, and cause swelling. I have seen people, who have been on long juice fasts, more than a month, using the wrong juices, that caused their legs to swell. This is one reason why proper supervision is important.
Water fasting must be much more restricted in time. Due to the toxic environmental factors mentioned above, it is best to water fast for short periods at a time. Water fasting is best used in acute conditions and emergencies. It is more complicated to supervise a water fast, e.g. due to more and stronger acute detox symptoms.
Fasting requires knowledge. Wrong advice can create new problems, and certain types of cases require very special care. Advice from older books often needs to be updated. Be sure your fasting supervisor has both experience and knowledge.
Proper fasting procedures are absolutely necessary, to get the amazing healing results you can read about below.


Below are some examples of recoveries via juice fasting and raw diet, from different doctors and researchers.

Dr. Bass has over 60 years experience helping patients detoxify, increase their vitality, remove disease & deficiencies, with remarkable success.


Arnold deVries writes about these raw juice therapy recoveries in The Elixir Of Life (1952):
  1. Juice fasting: New York Post Graduate Hospital - cases of consumption - raw vegetable juices each day - within seven months the eleven patients were discharged as fit subjects for a life insurance risk.
  2. Raw juice fasting: Los Angeles at the Olive View Sanatorium - 200 tuberculosis patients - raw vegetable juices - recovery.
  3. Juice fasting: Kirshner - raw vegetable juices - recoveries from heart disease, prostrate gland disease, cancer, neuritis, arthritis, and hemorrhoids.
  4. Raw juice fasting: Dr. Kirshner - severe case of splenic leukemia - raw carrot juice - recovery was complete within 18 months - no recurrence.
  5. Juice fasting: Dr. Max Gerson - raw vegetable juices - treatment for cancer - gratifying results in about 50 per cent of his cancer cases - many complete recoveries.
  6. Juice fasting and raw diet: Dr. J. R. Davidson, Toronto - curing a number of cancer patients - raw vegetables, and raw vegetable juices.
  7. Raw juice fasting: Great Britain - The Ministry of Health and Public Health Service Laboratory report - pointing out the value of juices - in a wide variety of diseased conditions - hypertension, cardiovascular and kidney diseases and obesity - rheumatic, degenerative and toxic states. Juices have an all-around protective action.
  8. Juice fasting and raw diet: Great Britain report - good results - peptic ulceration - chronic diarrhea, colitis and toxemia of gastro and intestinal origin.
  9. Raw diet and juice fasting: Dr. Harold F Hawkins - at least half of all foods used in their raw state - pyorrhea, including infection of the alveolar bone which supports the teeth and gums - definite improvement in 60 or 90 days - improvement in bone density in about a year.
  10. Raw diet and juice fasting: Dr. Milton T. Hanke, University of Chicago and the Chicago Dental Research Club - adding the uncooked juices of citrus fruits to a conventional diet - 50 per cent reduction in the incidence of dental caries - almost complete disappearance of gingivitis.
Note: Click here to go to the download page of REMARKABLE RECOVERIES FROM SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS, where the complete chapter from deVries book is included

The following recoveries via fasting were reported by Paavo Airola, from his own practice, in 1971:
  1. Juice fasting recovery from arthritis in knees and spine, neuritis in legs, emphysema - in less than three weeks walking without his cane.
  2. Raw juice fasting recovery from: angina, chronic low back pain, high blood pressure - several large fatty tumors - ten days of fasting.
  3. Juice fasting recovery from: high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, chronic headaches - blood pressure went from 160/100 to 135/80 - headaches disappeared as if by a miracle.
  4. Raw juice fasting recovery from: asthma - 3 weeks of fasting - breathing was dramatically improved - vitality and strength greatly increased.
  5. Juice fasting recovery from: chronic bronchitis, chronic tonsilitis, high blood pressure - reduced 12 pounds - no cough, no mucus, no breathing discomfort.
  6. Juice fasting recovery from: arthritis, overweight, psoriasis - fast of 28 days - reduced 25 pounds and looked younger.

H.E. Kirschner, M.D., writes about the following of his own cases in Live Food Juices (1957):
  1. Raw juice fasting recovery: 64 year old man with cancer, vegetable juices.
  2. Juice fasting recovery: 30 year-old woman - jaundice and arthritis.
  3. Raw juice diet/fasting recovery: 70-year-old woman - cancer of the abdomen.
  4. Raw juice fasting recovery: 2-year old boy with convulsions.
  5. Juice fasting recovery: woman - pyo-nephrosis and kidney pain.
  6. Raw juice fasting recovery: Two babies with leukemia.
  7. Juice diet/fasting recovery: 77-year-old man - neuralgia of facial nerve, pain, diabetes, blindness.
  8. Juice fasting recovery: 54-year old man with constipation, hemorrhoids, pain, papilloma, bladder tumors, worms.
  9. Raw juice fasting recovery: man with heart attack, pain, arthritis, neuritis, bursitis, crippled fingers, prostrate problem.
  10. Raw juice fasting recovery: 67-year-old woman with arthritis.

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, fasting retreat director, author of 50+ books, writes in Fasting Can Save Your Life (1964) about the following cases:
  1. Water fasting: multiple sclerosis, 7 week recovery, male
  2. Water fasting recoveries within weeks: bronchial asthma, female & male
  3. Water fasting: arthritis, recovery in weeks, 44-year-old female; recovery in 4 years, male
  4. Water fasting - recovery in 4 - 6 weeks: migraine
  5. Water fasting, diet change: hay fever, complete recovery
  6. Water fasting: heart disease, normalization in few days
  7. Water-only fasting: colitis
  8. Water fasting: psoriasis, eczema - recovery within weeks
  9. Water fasting, diet change: prostatic enlargement - recovery in weeks
  10. Water-only fasting: gonorrhea
  11. Water fasting, raw diet: nephritis, Bright's - recovery in nine months
  12. Water fasting: gallstones
  13. Water fasting recovery: tumors of the breast - full recoveries in days or weeks
  14. Water fasting: sterility in women - 10 day recovery

Arnold deVries wrote about these historical raw food therapy cases in his 1952 book:
  1. Raw diet and juice fasting: Johanna Brandt - raw grape diet - cures from cancer - constipation, rheumatism, catarrh, gallstones, eczema, jaundice, malaria, hemorrhages - mental disturbances - muscular system.
  2. Raw cabbage juice fasting: Dr. Garnett Chaney at Stanford University - 63 ulcer patients - pronounced healing - recovery was complete within three weeks or less. - important aid to normal elimination -improves general health.
  3. Raw foods therapy: German T. L. Birnberg treated diarrhea in children with raw, grated apple - completely successful results in 88 per cent of all cases - abdominal pain - normal stools - reduction of fever within 48 hours - disappearance of mucus in 60 hours.
  4. Raw foods and juice fasting - improve the intelligence quotients and mental attitudes of backward children - In Germany, Dr. Lottner reported an experiment in which 33 children - raw breakfasts - better work in dictation, arithmetic, letter and drawing tests - less restless - better concentration.
  5. Raw diet and some juice fasting: Pottenger Sanitarium in California - "the highest grade of raw milk, raw meat, raw vegetables and fruit products obtainable" - defective facial growth has been improved.
  6. Raw diet and some juice fasting: "Jungborn" a health resort - Germany - Adolph Just - raw foods - inflammatory rheumatism, consumption of the spinal cord, tuberculosis of the bones, dropsy, incipient dropsy, fistula of the rectum, cancer, nervous spasms, deafness, and various digestive ailments and sexual disorders - recoveries were often rapid as well as complete - recovery from inflammatory rheumatism in nine days, and from incipient dropsy in less than a week.
  7. Raw diet and some juice fasting: - Bircher-Benner clinic - Zurich, Switzerland - strictly raw diet - "sunlight food" - digestive diseases - resovery of one supposedly incurable patient suffering from the Herter-Heubner disease - "staggering success" - "generally brings about a complete change in obstinate cases of many chronic conditions such as stomatitis and ulcers, spine, amoebic dysentery, lambliosis and malaria, kidney troubles, jaundice, eczemas and urticaria, headaches, and schizophrenias, also in cases of varicose, thrombophlebitis and many other conditions."
  8. Raw diet and juice fasting: First Medical Clinic of the University of Vienna - exclusive raw food diet " - capillaries were slowly restored to a normal, vigorous condition.
  9. Raw diet w. minimal juices: "Humlegaarden" - Copenhagen - Dr. I Nolfi - exclusive raw diet - recover from all manner of diseases, including cancer, sterility, obesity, diabetes, heart debilitation, high blood pressure, rheumatism, epilepsy, asthma, and many others. In some cases even grey hair darkens in color.
  10. Raw diet w. minimal juices: Dr. K. Eimer, of the University Medical Clinic at Marburg-Lahn - raw diet - renal or cardiac oedema or the oedema of obesity - diseases of the circulatory system - high blood pressure and diabetes - blood was improved - refractive index of the serum increased.
  11. Raw diet w. minimal juices: Dr. Joseph Evers in Germany - 600 cases of multiple sclerosis - 42 per cent of all patients showed improvement or complete recovery.
  12. Raw diet w. minimal juices: Munich, the German physicians, Friedrich and Peters - raw diet - severe cases of liver cirrhosis, with ascites - successful.
  13. Raw diet w. minimal juices: D. C. Hare, J. F Kinderheilk, W Heupe, I. Kanai, and M. Kuratsune. Dr. Hare, of the Royal Free Hospital in England - exclusive raw diet - arthritic patients - avitaminosis, nephritis, diabetes, and chronic constipation - cardiac disease - diarrhea - heart and kidney diseases - obesity and diabetes - Other diseases, which had failed to yield to conventional medical care, responded favorably to the raw diet - associated with no adverse side-effects.
These are just a few of many available case stories in historical literature, starting in the 1830's. Before that, several ancient civilizations, e.g. the Roman, used raw diets and fasting for disease recovery.

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