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"The amount of energy available to use depends upon the quality of the blood, lymph, nerves and energy pathways." "Whatever energy is absorbed from food is transferred only during the state of sleep." "The more we eat, the more exhausted and sleepy we become. Any energy we experience immediately after eating (such as sweets) is the expenditure of energy, not its accumulation."


Energy - How Acquired and Lost in the Body

The basic force and condition behind all activities of human life is the presence of energy. Energy is required for every aspect of existence - every act uses energy - thinking, feeling, walking, eating, drinking, dreaming, breathing etc. We are born with a reserve of energy stored in all cells, which needs to be steadily replenished with breathing at all times.
If breathing were to stop, death would ensue in a matter of minutes.

In hibernation or coma, breathing is greatly reduced because of reduced use of energy expenditure, as compared to ordinary function.
Suspended animation is a different type of condition, wherein some yogis using certain breathing techniques, are able to store enough oxygen in the cells to remain alive even though all bodily function has ceased, and to remain so for months at a time.

According to the teachings of Yoga philosophy, air which is inhaled, contains a subtle energy principle called "prana", which is the vital principle needed to sustain life.
My understanding of how this works (I'm not sure whether I have read this, or whether it came to me as a result of intuition) is as follows:

The universe is filled with energy and basically all matter is ultimately composed of energy and energy particles. Each atom contains a neutron, proton and electrons revolving among them. Electrons are electric particles, but physics has broken them down into even subtler electrical particles, which some call lifetrons etc.

Now, energy generally is undifferentiated, nevertheless possesses inherent intelligence - that is it can be used or transferred into energy doing special work - like electricity (a form of energy) can be used to turn motors, in telephones and electronics.
This cosmic and ever-present universal unspecialized energy, which permeates the universe enters into and goes through all life forms and matter in the universe. As this energy enters a form, say a tree for example, the tree according to its design, purpose, needs and genetic structure, absorbs and appropriates this generalized non-specified universal energy and adapts or converts it to its own needs. The same applies to every material form, from rocks, plants, fish, animals to humans.

The process of living and being alive in all organized vegetable and animal forms depends upon the precondition of having a certain basic highly organic life element - which may be called an indwelling spirit or soul - which is transmitted during the birth process.

The amount of energy available to use from moment to moment depends upon the quality of the blood, lymph, nerves and energy pathways (called meridians).

These in turn are dependant upon the presence of
  • (a.) all necessary substances in the body, such as minerals, trace elements, proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. and
  • (b.) the correct amount of these, neither excessive or deficient.

    There need to be
  • (c.) sufficient clearness and purity of blood and lymph circulation free from obstruction, such as metabolic body toxins generated from activity, and foreign unusable chemicals introduced from without - such as tobacco, pollution, drugs, etc.

  • (d.) there must be sufficient rest and sleep, the indispensable and most important time wherein the body recharges itself with the eternal undifferentiated energy, as well as the energy contained in the food consumed earlier. Whatever energy is absorbed from food is transferred only during the state of sleep, never directly during the act of eating.

    If energy could be absorbed directly by the process of eating, then all we would have to do whenever we are tired is to eat, and the more food we eat the stronger we would become, thus making sleep unnecessary.
    But actually, the reverse is true.
    The more we eat, the more exhausted and sleepy we become. Any energy we experience immediately after eating (such as sweets), or the lift we get from drinking coffee, or the expression of strong emotions - is using our energy reserves, - and is the expenditure of energy, not its accumulation.

    Energy is always felt and experienced in its expenditure.
    Its accumulation is rarely felt, since this occurs during periods of rest and mostly during deep dreamless sleep, when the mind is inactive.

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